LG Dishwasher Error Code 1E

Inlet Error
Not reached to the normal water level in spite of 10 min. water supply

Display LG Dishwasher Error Code 1E

LG Dishwasher Error Code LE

Description LG Dishwasher Error Code 1E

  • The Water Tap is not opened.
  • The Inlet Hose is kinked.
  • The Filter of inlet valve clogged by impure water.
  • The Inlet Water Valve is normal?
  • The water pressure is very low. (below 0.5 kgf/cnf)
  • Inlet valve is blocked by safety device for leakage sensing.(In case of Inlet Valve)
  • Open the Water Tap.
  • Repair the Inlet Hose.
    a) Close the Water Tap.
    b) Unscrew the Inlet Hose (Inlet Valve side)
    c) Clean the Filter of Inlet Valve.
  • Replace or repair the Inlet Valve.
  • Check the water remain on the base.
    1) Check the point of damages and repair or replace the related parts.
    2) Disconnect the inlet hose to dishwasher to unlock the safety valve.