Neptune Washer Error Codes

Neptune MAH5500B Series Washer Error Codes

Error CoderCause/Solution
SdSuds: Machine has detected high level of suds. The machine will alter its cycle for this situation. Use an HE detergent or cut down on the amount of detergent slightly. This can be more likely on towel loads, consider HE detergent especially for these loads.
doDoor is Open: The door of the machine is open. Please make sure door is fully closed before starting cycle.
nFNo fill: the machine has tried to fill but cannot
PFPower failure: power to the machine has been lost during the last cycle. This may occur on start up of a new machine due to factory testing.
LOLocked: Door is locked (failed to unlock) – the machine has repeatedly tried to unlock but cannot. Push door closed to make sure nothing from the inside is pressing against the door which make keep it from unlocking
FLFailed to lock: the machine has repeatedly tried to lock the door but cannot. Make sure the door is shut completely
ndNo drain - the machine has tried to drain but cannot
LrLocked Rotor: the machine has repeatedly tried to turn the motor but cannot