Fix the problems with LG dishwashers

Each model of LG dishwasher is characterized by the reliable assembly. But they also have faults. And like any household appliance that uses water during operation, serious breakdowns often occur in LG dishwashers precisely because of this reason.

LG dishwasher problems

Almost all models of this brand are capable of issuing an error code when the washing process fails. Five of the most common problems are considered.

problems with LG dishwashers

The dishwasher won’t drain water (OE error code)

In the list of the most common malfunctions of LG dishwashers, there are problems with draining water. In this case, the user is faced with an OE error code indicating that the water has not been drained. There are many reasons that explain this problem, but there is no cause for concern, since many of them are easy to fix on your own.

Most often, the appearance of the OE code is associated with a clogged drain or improper installation of the dishwasher. First of all, we check for a kink in the drainage hose, since it is easiest to eliminate this cause of blocking the drain. The drain hose can be bent when the dishwasher is connected to the sewer or when something presses on it. In any case, the place of inflection must be straightened.

Among the reasons for standing water in the “plug” caused by blockage, it should be noted that the filter elements are clogged with food residues, and the drainage hose is clogged with small debris. You can eliminate such blockages with a wire or wash the filters and hose with tap water. After washing the places of possible blockage, you need to try to run the dishwasher in idle mode without detergents. This will flush the PMM and make sure the drain is working properly. If the water still will not drain, then you need to look for the cause in the incorrect operation of the software module. It is better to entrust the diagnostics of the electronic unit to the employees of the service center.

LG dishwashers OE error code

Dishwasher Motor Malfunction (Error Code LE)

The electric motor in LG dishwashers rarely fails, but sometimes such a malfunction occurs. This problem is indicated by an error code with the value LE displayed on the display screen. If a loud buzzing sound is heard, but the rotor shaft rotates slowly or does not spin at all, all this indicates a malfunction of the engine.

In this case, the likely cause is a violation of the stator windings of the drive motor. You can check the integrity of the stator winding and the uniformity of resistance using a multimeter. To do this, you need to apply voltage to the motor. It is very difficult to eliminate a break in the stator windings at home. Therefore, it is better to replace the faulty motor with a new one.

The dishwasher won’t turn on

Any household appliance one day refuses to work. LG dishwashers may also not turn on. There are many reasons that explain such a problem. One of the possible reasons may be a malfunction of the noise filter (it is also called a mains filter). This reason is more likely than any other. The voltage noise filter is located just behind the power cord. The wiring diagram of the unit is designed in such a way that if the mains filter fails, the dishwasher will not work. This part is not repairable, it is easier to replace it.

Atypical is the situation when, when turned on, the dishwasher does not respond to pressing the buttons on the panel. The reasons may lie in problems with electricity. First of all, we check the presence of electricity in the network. In addition, we check the voltage in the outlet with a multimeter. If the voltage at the outlet is OK, but it cannot provide the required power, the dishwasher will not work. It will not be superfluous to make sure that the PMM is connected to the electrical network. For this purpose, we check the presence of voltage in the power supply.

LG dishwashers won't turn on

The failure of the batteries in the module is another reason for the situation when the indicators on the control panel do not light up and the dishwasher does not turn on. You can eliminate this cause by replacing the control module. The dishwasher stops turning on when the contacts are oxidized or the start button of the device burns out. Broken contacts can be cleaned or replaced with a new contact group. Another reason for not turning on the dishwasher may be the burnout of the start pump capacitor. In this case, you will need to replace the burned-out capacitor.

Dishwasher water leaking onto the floor

Leaking dishwashers are a fairly common problem that no dishwasher, including LG, is immune from. If a puddle is found on the floor, the first thing to do is to turn off the power to the equipment. The most common cause of leaking dishwashers of this brand is a malfunction of the inlet valve. It provides water supply to the hopper of the device. When filling the hopper to the desired level, the valve closes the membrane, stopping the filling of water.

The situation when the dishwasher is leaking is possibly associated with a malfunction such as a violation of the integrity of the inlet valve membrane. This element cannot be replaced, therefore, the valve itself must be replaced. This can be done by gaining access to the part, disconnecting it and replacing it with a new one. After that, it is necessary to make all connections to the new inlet valve and assemble all the parts of the dishwasher in the reverse order.

water leaking

Fill Switch Tripping When Water Leaks In Tray (Error Code AE)

Each program requires a different amount of water. When the desired level is reached, the water fill switch is activated, which sends a signal to the control module to stop the water intake. But there is one problem that causes LG dishwashers to fail, which is indicated by the AE error code. This problem is that the bay switch can be triggered by any flow of water into the sump. Most users of LG dishwashers know why they need to turn off the bay. However, many get lost and stumped when a leak occurs and water enters the sump, which causes the bay switch to operate and an error code to appear on the display.

A broken lower atomizer can lead to a similar problem. It is not so easy to finally make sure that the cause of the water leak is correct. This sprayer is so small that it is almost impossible to check its performance during the dishwashing process. Most damage to a plastic part is difficult to see with the naked eye. The easiest way is to replace the lower sprinkler. To do this, unscrew the old atomizer and install a new part in its place.

Sometimes the AE error code may appear for other reasons, for example, when the door seal is worn. To find out the cause of the leak, it is worth trying to run the dishwasher in idle mode. This will help determine where the water is leaking.

LG dishwasher water Error Code AE


Users of LG dishwashers can figure out the nature of the breakdowns themselves, because the manufacturer has provided for the display of error codes on the display when the equipment malfunctions. Many problems with LG dishwashers can be dealt with on your own, saving on repair work.