Error code E11 on the Electrolux washer

For the convenience of users, almost all modern washing machines have a diagnostic system. She constantly monitors the operation of the washing unit and, noticing a failure, reports it to the display board in the form of an error code. Among the codes for the Electrolux washing machine is the code e11, which is also used in other models of well-known brands. This code indicates a problem with filling the tank with water.

The reasons for this problem may be different. For example, water does not enter the tank, or it is poured, but in insufficient quantity. Some inexperienced users are frightened by the appearance of an error code, but in this case there is no cause for concern. After all, most of the problems that are hidden under error codes are completely solvable. You just need to figure out what each of the error codes on your washing machine means.

Electrolux washer E11 code

Causes of the problem

There are various reasons that explain the appearance of a problem with a washing machine under the code e11. These include:

  • closing the water tap;
  • poor water pressure in the faucet due to insufficient pressure;
  • incorrect location of the drain hose (too low);
  • dirty filter on the inlet hose valve;
  • malfunction of the pressure sensor or inlet valve;
  • the need to clean the drain pump;
  • kink in the air tube;
  • clogged drain.

In this case, the good news is that many of the listed reasons can be eliminated on your own, which means you won’t have to look for a washing machine repairman. To eliminate most of the causes, special knowledge is not required, but ingenuity and patience will never be superfluous.

What can be done to fix the washing machine

Faced with several problems at once, you know perfectly well which one needs to be solved first. Often problems that are easier to fix are solved first. In the case of the Electrolux washing machine, the easiest way is to check everything related to the water tap.

Checking water flow

Checking water flow and pressure

Open a nearby faucet and check that cold water is running at a good pressure. For normal operation of the Electrolux washing machine, a water pressure of 0.3 bar is required. This means that a bucket or other container with a volume of 10 liters must be filled with tap water in 1 minute.

Checking the drain hose

To quickly drain the water, the drain hose should be in an S-bend at a height recommended by the washing machine manufacturer. For this brand of washing machine, the drain hose can be placed at a height of no more than 80 cm, since the pump power is limited. In addition to the drainage, you should pay attention to the inlet hose. It should not have kinks or sudden changes in height.

We clean the filter of the water valve

A long intake of water may be due to contamination of the water valve filter. On all models of washing machines, a round plastic mesh can be found in the hole where the water supply hose to the machine is screwed. Cleaning the small holes of the mesh filter will not be superfluous.

clean the filter of the water valve

Cleaning the pump

In the Electrolux washer, the pump is removed through the back cover. It needs periodic cleaning. When the impeller rotates, fibers, threads, particles of wool are wound around its body. After removing the accumulated debris, you need to assemble the pump and install it in its original place.

Checking for a blockage in the air tube

The body of the water intake sensor is connected to the tank by an air tube. Disconnect it and inspect for obstruction by foreign objects, and then try to blow. After making sure that the tube is empty, connect its end to the pressure sensor.

Check for a clogged drain

The occurrence of blockages in the drain design is the most common problem of washing machines. To check for clogging, you will need to run the wash at idle. Move the drain hose to a sink or basin to check how well the water will drain.

Reduce the dosage of detergent. A rather unusual reason for the appearance of problems with draining water is often the use of a large amount of detergents. This reason becomes relevant when using washing powders. Strong foaming contributes to blocking the system that controls the level of water in the tank.

Checking the pressure switch (pressure sensor)

The pressure switch is responsible for filling the tank with water and determines when it needs to be stopped. If it is damaged, it will be impossible for the machine to understand when to fill in water and to what level. After starting washing at idle, the signal for the need to replace the water level sensor (pressure switch) will be the absence of water in the drum or, conversely, its uncontrolled, incessant set.

If all the checks have not solved the problem, in this case it is better to run the diagnostic mode to check the washing machine for other problems.

When it makes sense to call a washing machine repairman. If the launch of the diagnostic mode did not lead to a positive desired result, it is better to call a washing machine repairman to your house. He will conduct a complete diagnosis of the pressure sensor.

pressure switch

Answers to frequently asked questions

How to reset an Electrolux machine?
A reboot may be required to clear the error code from the display. To do this, hold down the Start button and keep it pressed for ten seconds. Thus, you can cancel the previously set processes, and the code will disappear.


How to start the diagnostic mode of the Electrolux washing machine?
Entering the diagnostic mode is not easy, but working in it is not at all difficult. We suggest not to practice the “poke method”, but to start the diagnostic mode of the Electrolux washing machine strictly according to the instructions:

  • After pressing the cancel button and any of the buttons, we get access to the control panel;
  • we translate the disk selector for selecting modes counterclockwise until it stops;
  • turning the selector, press and hold for 3 seconds the cancel button and the leftmost button below the display.

Flashing indicators on the display indicate successful entry into the diagnostic mode. We start working in the diagnostic mode. To actuate the hot water solenoid, turn the selector one notch to the right. After two clicks, the bleach solenoid is activated and the machine starts pouring water through the bleach dispenser.

Three clicks activate both the water inlet and bleach solenoid. After that, water begins to flow into the tank through the cuvette for the air conditioner. After four clicks, the solenoid for the pre-wash valve starts to operate. After that, water is poured into the tank through the compartment, which is designed for pre-washing.

With five clicks, the door lock is turned off, after which the loading door will open and the light will turn on. After six clicks, the door lock will be activated and the tipping process will start.

After seven clicks, the drain pump is activated, the washing machine starts spinning and spins the drum at maximum speed.

After nine clicks, one of the error codes appears. The coding E00 means no errors. Turn the knob ten clicks to get the latest software version. We translate the disk mode selector clockwise to its original position. Then press and hold the cancel button and the leftmost button under the display until the indicators go out.


How do I force drain my Electrolux washing machine?
When it becomes necessary to manually drain the water from the washing machine, the drain hose is first disconnected from the sewer. Its end should be held in your hands until the water begins to drain into a bucket prepared in advance. After lowering the hose below the water level in the pool, gravity will help to do everything necessary. When you need to empty a filled bucket, simply move the end of the hose to its original place in the sewer pipe.


There is nothing special about modern washing machines that announce their problems using an error code. Therefore, it is useful for each user of the Electrolux washing machine to know how to diagnose the unit himself. This is especially necessary when an error code appears. The ability to properly understand the problems of your washing machine and knowing how to solve them will allow you not to empty your wallet in vain.