LG washer error code IE(1E)

LG washer error code IE(1E)You, as usual, put a laundry in the LG washer, run a wash program, but don’t hear the familiar sound of water gaining, and the tank does not fill up. In a couple of minutes, the IE error code appears on a screen. In some cases, the washer gains water suspiciously longer than usual.

The result is the same: too little water in the washer’s tank, and then the IE error code displays on a screen. Some users read this fault as 1E because I and 1 symbols are almost similar.

Some LG washer’s models, which are not equipped with a screen, inform about the error in a different way: the main and pre-wash indicators are blinking.

How to decipher the error code IE (1E)

The IE (Inlet Error) error code means that for some reason LG washer could not get water in the allotted period of time. The fault can be caused by a simple carelessness of a user, or by serious malfunctions, which require the professional help of a specialist.

LG washing machine error 1E

The IE (1E) error of LG washer: what to do and how to repair the machine by your own?

  • Check the water in a tap. Maybe it is turned off or blocked. It is necessary to restore the water supply.
  • Check the shut-off valve which blocks the water supply to a washing machine. Perhaps you forgot to open it before washing. Do it.
  • Sometimes a stopcock is not closed fully. In this case, the washer gains water longer than usual, and then displays the 1E error code and does not work. Therefore, always open the shut-off valve fully.
  • Weak water pressure in the water supply system could also cause the fault: LG washer can’t cope with gaining of water in time. That leads to the error code appearance. You have to restore the water pressure.
  • It is possible that a water inlet hose is twisted or pressed down. This hose is designed for supplying the machine with water. Just smooth it out.
  • Probably a filter mesh is littered. It is located in the place where the inlet hose is connected to the washing machine. The filter mesh prevents the machine from small particles contained in a tap water. In this case, your LG washer gains little water and shows the 1E error code. Remove and clean the filter mesh by placing it in a solution of citric acid for 1-2 hours.
  • Try to turn off the washer for 15-20 min and then turn it on again. Perhaps there was a failure in a control unit.

Possible malfunctions, which require repair

Cleaning the washing machine filter

In the table below you can view the list of faults that may cause the 1E error of LG washer.

Warning signs Possible causes of occurrence Repair or replacement
LG washer can’t cope with water gaining (in rare cases it gains too little water) and displays the IE error code. The inlet valve, designed for supplying the washer with water, is broken. It does not open by the signal of a control module, and water does not enter into the machine. In rare cases when the valve is slightly opened, the machine does not gain enough water. It is necessary to change the water supply valve.
The washer does not receive water. The IE error code appears. The pressure switch (the water level switch), which controls the amount of water in the washer, is broken. Perhaps the pressure switch tube is littered. In this case, you need to blow it. If the clogging is not a reason of fault, you need to replace the pressure switch.
The washer does not gain water and shows the 1E error code. Defective control board (electronic controller), the microchip that controls the processes of the machine, is broken. In 90% of cases, the control module is repairable. You have to change the burnt out triac and relay, which are responsible for the work of inlet valve and/or solder tracks.
In rare cases, the replacement of the electronic controller is required.

Video how to fix error code IE (1E) washing machine LG

LG washing machine gives IE error. What to do?

To carry out washing, the machine must freely draw and drain water. Sometimes these functions also fail, and the washing machine gives an IE error code. This designation indicates that there is an input error. For some reason, no water enters the washer tank.

This situation can be caused by a malfunctioning water supply valve, problems with the supply hose, or a clogged inlet filter. Due to all these breakdowns, water stops flowing into the washing machine, and, accordingly, a new wash cycle cannot be started.

Let’s take a closer look at how to correctly decrypt the IE error code. We will also dwell on the most common causes leading to such an error, and talk about ways to solve them.

LG washing machine gives IE error

Display signals

In addition to the symbols that appear on the display of the washing machine, there are other signs that indicate the incorrect operation of the equipment. So, when the IE code appears, the washing machine stops drawing water and does not start washing. Therefore, if you saw that there is no water in the tank or it is not enough, then the IE error code really signals a breakdown, and is not a failure in the system.

It is necessary to identify the causes and eliminate them. To do this, you need to know the probable breakdowns and ways to repair them.

Malfunction in the water supply system and kink in the hose

The washing machine is connected to the water supply system. In this case, the wiring can be arranged in such a way that separate connections for hot and cold water are provided. The inlet hoses are attached to the back of the washer.

water supply system and kink in the hose

For the correct functioning of the washing machine, unhindered flow of water from the water supply is necessary. In this case, an important factor is sufficient water pressure, it will allow the flow to overcome the inlet valve.

If you suspect problems with the water supply, first check the water supply system. Make sure your home has water. To do this, just open the nearest tap.

The second step is to check the hose that goes to the washing machine. Very often it is clamped between the wall and the washer. Also, creases and kinks may appear on it. In this case, the solution to the problem is very simple. Move the washing machine away from the wall so that there is a small gap where the hose can be placed without obstruction. Eliminate any kinks that interfere with the normal flow of water.

Answers to the most popular questions from LG washing machine owners

How to remove the IE error code displayed on the washing machine display?
Temporarily getting rid of the error code will allow a general reset of all settings. However, this method does not solve the core of the problem. She will return again. Therefore, it is necessary to take this issue more seriously and look for the source of the problem. The most common causes that cause the IE error to appear and how to fix them are detailed in this article. Correct the problems and reboot the system, after that your washing machine should work correctly.


How can I restart the LG washing machine system?
Resetting the settings is quite simple. The first step is to disconnect the equipment from the electrical network by unplugging the cord from the outlet. Remember that you can start rebooting only after the washing machine is de-energized. Then press and hold the Start button for five seconds. This will be enough for the previous settings to be reset. It remains to reconnect the washing machine to the power supply system. Now you can start a new cycle.


How to check if the washing machine is working properly after it has been repaired?
After the repair work, you need to make sure that they have brought the expected result. Since the IE error code indicates problems with the water supply, the results of the repair can be known already at the beginning of the cycle. To identify other shortcomings, it is necessary to run a full cycle and observe the operation of the equipment. With a quality repair, there should be no errors. The second test option will be diagnostics. You can do it yourself or seek the help of a specialist.


How to start diagnostic mode in LG washing machine?
First of all, you need to make sure that the equipment is in standby mode. In this case, the washing machine must be connected to the power supply. However, the control panel must not be activated. Then you can start running the diagnostic mode. To do this, you must simultaneously press two buttons. We are talking about the buttons “Water level” and “Spin speed”.
With these buttons active, press the power button as well. After that, the washing machine will emit an appropriate sound. It signals that the washing machine has entered diagnostic mode. The system will now go through a series of checks to see if there are any malfunctions. Each stage is necessary to test the individual functions that the washing machine performs. To complete each stage, you must press the “Start / Pause” button. If a problem is detected, the system will issue a specific error code. If no malfunctions are detected, then the washing machine will simply turn off at the end of the test.