Hotpoint washing machine error code f05

Hotpoint washing machine error code f05

The F05 fault code means that you Hotpoint machine’s pressure switch is experiencing problems. Particularly, it is a kind of telling the machine not to spin because it is full of water, although is actually not.

It is imperative that the system signals the machine that the drum is free of water before spinning it. The error means that there is no signal. There are different reasons why it is not getting it:

  1. Faulty pump
  2. Blocked filter

However, if this is the case, there will be at least some water in the drum. If the drum is dry, and the error is still there, the cause is different.

Not unlikely, the pressure switch is not working: it may be stuck, for example, because of a blockage in the pressure chamber bottle, which is located at the bottom of a thin tube. The tube is connected to the switch itself. The blockage is creating pressure, which won’t release the pressure switch. To check it, pull off the tube and listen: there will be a sharp sound of pressure being released and a click as the switch moves to the off position. It should be noted that if you do not do it right after spotting the error, the trapped air may gradually get out of the tube, so you won’t hear the sounds.

Also, the error may occur due to connection problems or a faulty PCB. In this case, it is advisable to address a professional technician.