Most common solutions, when the Maytag washer won’t spin

The spin cycle is the most important function of any washing machine. Thanks to this option, the device removes excess moisture from clothes and dries them slightly. That is why, over time, the device may cease to perform its functions, that is, stop rotating the drum.

If the problem has affected the top-loading machine, then most likely the problem lies either in the lid lock or in the drive switch. Maytag front-loading appliances may stop turning the drum due to a clogged pump, filter, or broken door lock.

Consider why else Maytag washing machines may stop spinning.

Maytag Top Loading Washing Machines repair

Problems with Maytag Top Loading Washing Machines

The lid of the appliance has not been locked

Top-loading Maytag models are equipped with a lid lock. After loading the laundry into the drum, the lock closes so that no one and nothing can open it during washing. Do not put any extra laundry inside while the appliance is in operation.

The washing machine will not start a wash cycle until the system confirms that the lid lock is locked. If the part is out of order, the drum will not rotate. But sometimes, in the event of a lock failure, the system mistakenly assumes that the lid is open, despite the fact that it is closed. As a result, the program does not start.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to repair the castle on your own. The user will have to replace the part with a new one by unscrewing the top panel. You will also need to disconnect the wiring harness through the rear panel. After that, you need to put a new lock in the same place and fix it.

Broken drive belt

Broken drive belt

The drive belt is rotated by the centrifuge and may fail. This occurs when the machine is used excessively. The pulley strongly rubs the belt, as a result it is erased and breaks.

Symptoms indicating a broken drive belt:

  1. The drum does not spin, the device starts to make a hum when the “spin” mode is turned on.
  2. The centrifuge is easy to scroll even by hand.

To replace the belt, it is necessary to disconnect the device from the power supply, remove the back cover and inspect the belt. If it just flew off, then it can be returned to its place and fixed. But most often the belt breaks, which means that it needs to be replaced with a new one.

Do not buy the first strap you see in a hardware store. Consultants will help you choose the right part. The main thing is to write down and show them the brand of the washing machine in full.

Broken control module

The work of the electronic controller is aimed at maintaining the interaction of all systems of the washing machine. Water ingress or voltage drops cause the chip to work intermittently, especially if the part responsible for spinning is broken. As a result of this, the appliance begins to wring out the laundry poorly or does not wring it out at all. At the same time, the drum stops rotating, or spinning at low speeds and completes the program.

Broken control module

To repair the control unit, you must have special skills. It is better to entrust this work to the masters. They will inspect the microcircuit, replace faulty elements and solder the contacts. The control unit must be completely replaced if it burns out most of it. It takes 2-3 days for a service technician to repair a part.

Causes of a malfunction that are not related to a breakdown of the system

If the Maytag washing machine has stopped spinning, this does not mean at all that the internal parts have broken. It may be too early to worry, especially if the problem has appeared for the first time.

The reasons for the lack of rotation of the drum can be:

  1. The “no spin” mode is on. Sometimes users load the drum with laundry but accidentally select the wrong programme. It is worth checking again if the “spin” function is activated.
  2. If the “spin” option is activated, the cause may be hidden in the appearance of an imbalance. For example, wet laundry formed a large heavy lump. As a result, the drum was out of balance. To restore the operation of the appliance, distribute the clothes evenly and start the washing program again.
  3. Sometimes, instead of imbalance, a similar problem appears – excess load. Each washing machine has a limited weight limit for the laundry it can wash in one cycle. If, instead of 4 kg of clothes, 6 kg are placed in the drum, the centrifuge will loosen. Spinning will not be performed until the user removes excess laundry from the drum.

There are situations when the machine starts to wring out things, but during this it vibrates too intensely.

Vibration can be reduced by removing the shipping bolts. This problem occurs in those who purchased a new machine and forgot to remove unnecessary parts.

If the device has been working for more than a year and in recent months it jumps from side to side during the spin cycle, then the shock absorbers are out of order. They need to be replaced urgently.

Problems with Maytag front-loading washing machines

Front-loading washing machines also have malfunctions associated with incorrect rotation of the drum.

Problems with Maytag front-loading washing machines

Drain filter clogged

Each Maytag brand appliance is equipped with a drain filter. This part filters the water that enters the sewer after washing. It catches small debris that can form from clothing or get inside with it. For example, hairballs, buttons, coins and dirt particles. Thanks to the operation of the filter, the sewer remains clean and does not become clogged.

Over time, the drain filter becomes clogged if it is not cleaned regularly. As a result, water after washing cannot flow into the sewer. The water stops draining, and the “spin” mode is turned off at this moment.

To clean the filter, you must:

  • unplug the device from the socket;
  • put a huge rag under the bottom;
  • find the manhole cover on the front panel and open it;
  • unscrew the filter and clean it.

After that, you can put the filter back in place and use the machine as usual.

Drain pump malfunction

Drain pump malfunction

Another part of the Maytag drain system is the drain pump. Its breakdown occurs due to the active operation of the machine, as well as the irregular cleaning of filters and nozzles. The pump works to return water from the tank to the sewer. If the pump is in good condition, it has no problems with completely draining the water. When a malfunction occurs, the device starts to buzz.

The drain pump is also called a pump or impeller. Replacing a part on your own is a troublesome business, since the element is hidden deep in the system and it is problematic to get to it. On the other hand, the spare part is inexpensive, which means that self-repair will help save money.

To replace the impeller, you must:

  1. Lay the washing machine on its side.
  2. Remove the bottom panel and expose the pump.
  3. Disconnect all hoses and screws encountered “on the way”.
  4. Replace the part.

All unscrewed screws and hoses are returned to their place.

If during the spin cycle the washing machine stops and stops working, it is necessary to disconnect it from the power supply and prepare the basin. Water is removed through an emergency drain hose or filter. After that, you can open the drum and start troubleshooting.

Door lock malfunction

Door lock malfunction

If top-loading washing machines have a lid lock, then front-loading models have a door lock. These parts function the same. Their purpose is to block the door so that there is no leakage during washing and spinning.

If the lock is faulty, the system recognizes this and does not start the wash cycle. Sometimes the control unit receives a false signal and stops the device. As a result of this, the drum does not fill with water or stops rotating as it should.

To deal with the problem, you need to replace the lock. It is located right behind the door. It will be possible to open access to it after removing the rubber seal. Together with the door lock block, you need to remove the electrical connectors. After replacing the part, you need to return the remaining parts to their original place and fix the lock.

Problem with tachometer

The tachometer is located on the motor shaft. He counts how many revolutions the drum has made in a minute, and then transmits this information to the control unit. If a breakdown occurs, the data is not updated, respectively, the machine stops spinning the laundry.

Along with this, other signs of a malfunction are observed. First, during the wash cycle, the centrifuge spins too fast. Secondly, during the spin cycle, the rotation speed becomes, on the contrary, too slow. Thirdly, after washing is completed, the laundry remains wet.

The error is quite rare. Only a professional master can eliminate it.

Problem with tachometer

How to avoid damage to the Maytag washing machine

To avoid damage associated with the drum, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures. The drain filter should be cleaned every few months. It is also worth doing this after washing too dirty things or shoes.

Once every six months, it is necessary to clean the internal system of the machine with the help of special substances. Sometimes cleaning agents are replaced with citric acid or diluted vinegar. To eliminate residual moisture after each wash, leave the hatch open. This will help prevent rapid oxidation of the electronic board contacts.

At each wash, you need to monitor the amount of laundry loaded. It is better to put less and run several cycles than to try to wash all the accumulated things in one program and provoke an overload of the drum. It is also important that when the first symptoms of a malfunction appear, immediately contact the masters, and not ignore the problem.