F18 error on bosch washing machine

F18 error on bosch washing machine

Error e18 is one of the most common ones in the Bosch washing machine.

Sometimes it is possible to reset error E18 by yourself, without the help of a repair shop. We will discuss the meaning of this error and troubleshooting issues associated with it below.

Error description

Problem with draining the washing machine

Error E18 in Bosch washing machines indicates a malfunction of water draining from the drum. Put simply, your washing machine does not drain the water, or drains it badly. This fault can occur for the following reasons:

  1. The sewer where the water from the machine goes to is clogged with garbage.
  2. The washing machine drain hose is clogged or blocked.
  3. The end of the drain hose is placed too high, and does not let the water drain the way it should.
  4. The clogging in the nozzles, drainage system or filter.
  5. Full or partial wear of the pump.
  6. Malfunction of the control module.
  7. The water level switch is locked in a certain position.
  8. Malfunction of a pressure switch.

What needs to be done?

  • Check the sewerage system. In case it is in a hard to reach spot, you can do the following: take out the drain hose from the sewage system and lower it into any container. After that, select the draining mode on machine control panel. If the sink starts and error E18 does not repeat, then the problem is in the sewer. You will need to clean it.
  • Check the drain hose. It is a bit problematic, since you will have to remove it from the washing machine. After the check is performed, be sure to connect it very carefully, tightly, as otherwise there might be leakages.
  • It is worth to clean the entire drain system of the washing machine – very often, there might be a lot of trash blocking the water flow. You cannot do without a complete inspection of the system, so do not forget about the thorough tightness – neighbors on the lower floor will not be happy with wet spots on their ceiling.
  • Check the pump and the entire electronics of the washing machine connected with the drain. If you are familiar with electricity, then it will not be difficult for you, if not – it’s better not to try to do it yourself.
  • If all previous manipulations did not help, then most likely the problem is in the module. The repair of the Bosch control modules needs to be done professionally by modular engineers, but if you have skills in electronics, you can perform diagnostics and repair of the board by yourself.