Bosch washing machine e18

Modern household appliances are smart enough. It is easy to operate, and if a failure occurs, an error code will appear on the display. He will make it clear in which nodes the problem lies, so that the owner understands what to repair. If we talk about automatic washing machines, they also report malfunctions using a code. For example, in models from the manufacturer Bosch, owners may see the error code “E18”. So the technician reports that the pump drained water longer than usual, which means there are some problems.

Bosch washing machine e18

A long drain from the washing machine tank can occur for various reasons, but the most common are the following:

  • the filter in the drain pump is dirty or clogged with foreign objects;
  • the drain hose is blocked;
  • the pump responsible for draining the water from the drum is out of order.

To establish the true cause of the “E18” error, you will have to check all these elements. Perhaps, with the help of our recommendations, you can do without the help of specialists and solve the problem yourself.

Error description

Problem with draining the washing machine

Error E18 in Bosch washing machines indicates a malfunction of water draining from the drum. Put simply, your washing machine does not drain the water, or drains it badly. This fault can occur for the following reasons:

  1. The sewer where the water from the machine goes to is clogged with garbage.
  2. The washing machine drain hose is clogged or blocked.
  3. The end of the drain hose is placed too high, and does not let the water drain the way it should.
  4. The clogging in the nozzles, drainage system or filter.
  5. Full or partial wear of the pump.
  6. Malfunction of the control module.
  7. The water level switch is locked in a certain position.
  8. Malfunction of a pressure switch.

error e18

What needs to be done?

  • Check the sewerage system. In case it is in a hard to reach spot, you can do the following: take out the drain hose from the sewage system and lower it into any container. After that, select the draining mode on machine control panel. If the sink starts and error E18 does not repeat, then the problem is in the sewer. You will need to clean it.
  • Check the drain hose. It is a bit problematic, since you will have to remove it from the washing machine. After the check is performed, be sure to connect it very carefully, tightly, as otherwise there might be leakages.
  • It is worth to clean the entire drain system of the washing machine – very often, there might be a lot of trash blocking the water flow. You cannot do without a complete inspection of the system, so do not forget about the thorough tightness – neighbors on the lower floor will not be happy with wet spots on their ceiling.
  • Check the pump and the entire electronics of the washing machine connected with the drain. If you are familiar with electricity, then it will not be difficult for you, if not – it’s better not to try to do it yourself.
  • If all previous manipulations did not help, then most likely the problem is in the module. The repair of the Bosch control modules needs to be done professionally by modular engineers, but if you have skills in electronics, you can perform diagnostics and repair of the board by yourself.

How to check the filter in the pump

To access the filter, you must first open the instruction manual, as different models may differ in their “structure”. If you were disturbed by the E18 code on the display, then check the filter first. Most likely something is stuck in it or due to long-term operation it is simply dirty.

Most often, this detail can be found in the lower right corner. There will be a small panel on the front. You need to open it, get the filter for cleaning. But first you need to drain the water, because all the water will pour onto the floor as soon as you pull the filter out of the machine.

Draining water manually

When an error code appears on the display, some functions of the machine will be blocked. To drain the water manually, you need to prepare a water container, disconnect the drain hose. In some models, there is no such hose in the front of the machine, so you just need to get the filter and substitute a container so that the water just drains.

Draining water manually

If the filter does not lend itself, you need to carefully unscrew it using a towel. It is very important not to overdo it so as not to break the cap. In this case, you will have to buy a new one.

As soon as you take out the filter, you need to thoroughly clean it from dirt, rinse it under running water, wipe it and put it back in place. If the problem was in it, then the error code will disappear, and the machine will drain in the usual way.

How to clean a drain hose

Another reason why the water from the machine drains slowly is the drain hose. Over time, pollution, deposits can accumulate in it, various foreign objects get there. Many people do not clean the drain hose for years, and it is in it that all the dirt remains after washing.

If the drain hose is clogged or blocked by foreign objects, it must be flushed, cleaned or replaced with a new one. Incorrect hose installation may also cause slow draining. Perhaps the machine is standing close to the wall, pressing the drain hose. Or he just twisted, because of which the drain is blocked.

How to clean a drain hose

Do not place washing machines close to a wall or sewer. It is necessary to leave a small distance so that the drain and inlet hoses are located freely and not blocked.

After cleaning the hose or replacing it with a new one, run a quick cycle to check the operation.

If the previous filter and hose checks did not help, then the problem is with a faulty pump. To get to it and check whether it is working, you need to have certain knowledge and skills. For this reason, it is better to entrust the work to a specialist.

Benefits of Bosch washing machines

Manufacturer Bosch supplies its equipment worldwide. The 300 series washing machines were featured by the New York Times. Experts appreciated all the features and advantages of these models. Thus, it has become the best among the new generation of compact washing machines.

In the 300 series models, the washing time is much shorter, the spin is good and the high quality parts guarantee durability. All household appliances have warranties from the manufacturer, so everyone can contact a service center to fix a breakdown under warranty.

Benefits of Bosch washing machines

Popular questions

How to reboot a Bosch machine?
There is no direct reset button, but you can stop the equipment with a certain combination: “Start” – mode switch – select a new mode – “Start”. The display will first light up, then you can select another wash cycle by resetting the previous one.


How to remove the error code?
Not all models have the ability to reset the error code. But you can try to do it like this:

  1. Press the off button, then on again.
  2. Press the spin button and while holding it, turn the knob by 7.
  3. Press the cycle scroll several times for 3-4 seconds, then release. The water icon should appear on the display.
  4. Turn off the machine and turn it on again.

All settings should be reset in this way, including the error code. But you should not ignore it, because you do not need to reset error codes, but troubleshoot so that they do not lead to more serious and costly breakdowns.


How to turn on the self-diagnosis of the Bosch machine?
Diagnostics can be carried out not only by the master, but also by the technique itself. To do this, you need to take several steps:

  1. Turn the knob to off.
  2. Press the menu and mode selection buttons, while holding them, turn the mode selection knob until “P1” appears.
  3. After that, you need to press the menu to select the appropriate test.
  4. The start indicator should flash.
  5. To view a list of existing errors, select P1 and press the start button.
  6. To complete the diagnosis, you need to press the scroll button and turn off.

Error codes can be rewritten on a piece of paper to find out what problems there are in household appliances.


How to drain the water from the machine manually?
If due to an error it is not possible to drain the water in automatic mode, then this can be done through the drain hose, which is located in the front panel next to the filter. Remember to prepare a container so as not to flood the floor.


If you suddenly saw that an error code was displayed on the display, and the machine stopped its work in the middle of the cycle, do not panic and get upset. It is possible that foreign objects are simply stuck in the drainage system or filter, or contamination has occurred as a result of many years of operation. Thanks to our tips, you can quickly check what caused the E18 code and try to fix the problem yourself.