Samsung washing machine error code nd or 5E (SE)

Samsung washer error code nd or 5E (SE)

A washing machine worked, as usual, everything was fine, but the washing was suddenly interrupted. Your Samsung washer stopped filled with water. A screen shows the 5E error. Many users confuse figure «5» with English letter «S», that’s why this fault is often called SE. The error occurs during the washing or rinsing phase.

Pay attention! Do not confuse 5E and E5 error codes. The e5 fault is typical for old Samsung washer models and usually signals about the malfunction in a heating circuit. In most cases, the problem is caused by the breakage of a heating element.

Some Samsung washer models, which are not equipped with a screen, inform about the error by the following LED combination: the indicator of temperature (40°С) and other mode indicators are blinking.

How to decipher the error nd or 5E (SE) washing machine Samsung

The SE / 5E error code means that the water draining system has some malfunctions. Samsung washer for some reason can’t cope with water draining and therefore interrupts washing. Here the error appears.

The 5E fault in Samsung washers is the quite common situation. Fortunately, in about half of the cases, it can be easily eliminated without calling the specialist.

The nd or 5E (SE) error: what to do and how to repair the machine by your own?

Before finding the reasons of the 5E error and ways of its elimination, firstly you have to drain water from the washer and pull out the laundry.

  • A drain filter is clogged. Check it for any litter. You can get to it by opening the hatch at the front of the machine. As a rule, it is located in the lower right corner. Put a cloth on the floor in this place, open the hatch and carefully turn the filter anti-clockwise. Most likely, during this procedure, a small amount of water will pour out onto a rag (that’s why we have put it on the floor earlier). Clean the filter from garbage, rinse under water and return it to the place.
  • The place of connection to the sewer is littered. Often, the siphon, to which the washer’s drain hose is connected, is clogged (or the connection point). To check it, disconnect the drain hose from the sewer, and put it into a sink, bath or bucket. Then run the washing program, wait for the machine to gain water, and turn on the sink. If water flows freely, congratulations! You have determined the cause of the CE error of a Samsung washer.
  • The drain hose is bent or clogged. Check the drain hose for bends or litter. Very often such problems occur in long hoses, where the drainage place is located too far, and you had to increase the size of the drain hose.
  • “Glitch” of the control module. If the 5E error appears for the first time, try to turn off the washing machine from the outlet, wait for 10 – 15 minutes, and then turn it on again. Perhaps the error is caused by a one-time failure in the electronic controller.
  • The drain pump contacts came off. Check the wiring connections from the drain pump to the electronic controller (control module), especially if the 5E error occurred after the washing machine was transported from one place to another. Perhaps pump contacts came off. The tight connection is necessary.

If your Samsung washer after a thorough checking still shows the SE error code, so, unfortunately, it is broken. The machine needs to be repaired by a specialist.

Possible malfunctions, which require repair

Thousands of fixed Samsung washers have made it possible to create a list of the most common faults in which 5E error occurs. View them in the table below.

Warning signs Possible causes of occurrence Repair or replacement
Samsung washing machine does not drain water and does not wring out the laundry. The 5E fault is shown on a screen. A drain pump, that is responsible for pumping water, is out of order. 90% of this error breakages is associated with the pump. It is necessary to replace the broken pump.
Samsung washer does not drain water. The 5E error code appears on a display. A drain branch pipe, through which dirty water flows from the washer’s tank to the pump, is clogged. As a rule, the pipe is clogged with coins, elastic bands, bra bones and other garbage. The drain branch pipe needs cleaning. Remember to previously disconnect it from the pump.
Samsung washer stopped filled with water. The SE error code appears on a screen. Control module, the microcircuit, which is considered to be the “brain” of the washing machine, is broken. Usually, the control unit can be fixed. For this, you have to replace the burnt out chip elements and solder the burnt out contacts.
In rare cases, replacement of the control unit is required.
Samsung washer can’t cope with water draining. The CE error code appears on a screen. The wiring, connecting the pump with the electronic controller, is broken.
In private homes, where rodent pests often live, this is a quite common issue.
You have to restore the place of wire damage (twisting) or completely replace the loop with wires.

Video how to fix error codes nd, 5E (SE) washing machine Samsung