LG washer error code tE

LG washer error code tEYou turned on the machine, and your LG washer typed water, a drum began to rotate – so the process is successfully started. But in a couple of minutes, the machine stopped working and displayed the tE error code on a screen. Probably, if you touch the washer’s hatch, you will find out that it is suspiciously cold, although there is a regime of hot water.

Sometimes LG users confuse «t» and inverted «F» letters trying to read the error code.

Indication of error tE of LG washing machine without display

Some LG washer models, which are not equipped with a screen, inform about the error in a different way: all the indicators are blinking or lighting up.

How to decipher the error code tE

The tE (Temperature Error) means that the problem appeared in a heating circuit. LG washer can’t cope with water heating and as a result, it forced to interrupt washing. So the error is shown on a screen.

Pay attention! Some programs, which do not require water heating, may be still used. So, if you got the tE fault, but anyway have to wash the laundry, you may select the wash mode in cold water.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the tE error code signals about a malfunction and requires the intervention of a specialist, but sometimes you can fix the breakage by yourself.

The tЕ error of LG washer: what to do and how to repair the machine by your own?

  • Turn off the device for 10-20 minutes, then turn on it again and run the washing. It may be just a “glitch” in a control module (the electronic controller), which will be reset after being turned off from the socket.
  • Check wiring between a heater and the control module (the microcircuit that controls the processes of the washing machine), in rare cases, the wire loop contacts, connecting these two parts of the device, are removed. Correct it.

If these recommendations didn’t help you, so your LG washer is broken.

Possible malfunctions, which require repair

In the table below you can view the list of the most common faults of the LG washing machine.

Warning signs Possible causes of occurrence Repair or replacement
LG washer doesn’t heat water, frizzes in the middle of the washing process and shows the tE error code. In 80% of cases, this fault means that the heating element is out of order. The device is responsible for washer’s water heating up to the set temperature. The replacement of the heating element is required.
LG washer shows the tE fault and doesn’t work. In most cases, the error code appears during the process of washing. Control module, the microcircuit, which is considered to be the “brain” of the washing machine, is broken. As a rule, the control unit can be repaired. In most cases, users have troubles with the burnt out elements, which are in charge of the heating element (relay, transistor, etc). It is necessary to replace them.
In rare cases when a processor is burnt out, you have to change the control unit completely.
The machine interrupts washing and shows the error code. The machine can’t cope with water heating. Thermistor or the temperature sensor, which measures the water temperature, is out of order. It is located on the heating element or on the washer’s tank. The sensor replacement is required.
Some LG washers, equipped with the option of laundry drying, shows the tE error code in the process of washing or drying. The machine stops working. The drying sensor, which measures a temperature during the drying process is broken. You have to change the drying sensor.
During the programs, which include water heating, the machine may work as usual, but sometimes it stops and shows the fault. Wiring inside the washing machine in the area from the heating unit to the control module is worn out and deteriorated. Therefore, during vibrations, the contact disappears, and the error appears. The broken wires must be twisted or completely replaced. The place of twisting must be carefully isolated.

Video how to fix error code tE washing machine LG