Samsung washer error code U6

Samsung Washer Error Code U6

The U6 error code, which is also called Ub, occurs on the display of your Samsung washing machine when there is an imbalance in its drum. In simple words, it means that the washer is loaded unevenly with the laundry. In the earlier models, the code can be indicated as E4, but it basically means the same problem.

What is the U6 Error code?

Usually, the U6 code is shown on the display on the 3rd, 7th or 9th minute of the washing cycle, but sometimes the machine can indicate it later.

U6/Ub error occurs when there the appliance’s drum is imbalanced. This occurs when the machine is loaded unevenly with the laundry. Most often this error appears during the spin cycle.

The last generation of the Samsung washing machines is smart and first of all tries to balance the load in the drum itself. If this doesn’t work, the washer indicates the error code on the screen or just switches off. Sometimes it puts the cycle on pause. Even if the cycle keeps running, when it finishes you will get a wetter laundry than usual, so it’s better not to leave it like that and try to fix the problem. But to fix it we need to know the reasons that cause the imbalance.

The following things can affect the balance of the drum:

  • The appliance is not stable, it is placed on the uneven floor and not leveled properly.
  • There is an overload of the drum.
  • There are not enough items in the washer, the load is too little. The clothes get twisted and not distributed evenly.
  • Different weights of fabrics.
  • The laundry is tangled. It usually happens when you wash duvet covers and pillowcases, and smaller things get inside.
  • The recommended volume of the load is exceeded, which makes it harder for the drum to rotate.
  • There can be a failure in the control module or motor.

How to fix the U6 Error?

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code Ur adjust the feet

The first and the easiest step to avoid the U6 error is to make sure your appliance is leveled properly. Fix and tighten its legs, there should be none in the air, and the washer has to be stable.

The next step is to balance the laundry load. For one wash cycle, place at least 3-4 medium-sized items in the drum. When there are leas items, it is best not to spin it at all, or to spin at very low speeds.

Sort your laundry by type of fabrics to prevent improper distribution during the process and to prolong the fabrics’ life. It is a matter of water absorption, which is diverse for various fabrics.

When washing the bed linen, try not to put more than 2kg of laundry into the drum, as it is more complicated to evenly spread the small items and duvet covers. The best speed for linen is 800rpm.

The maximum allowed weight for one washing cycle is indicated for each model in the instruction manual. The average load is about 6kg per cycle, but some washers can be loaded with up to 10kg and even don’t want to work when underloaded.

Samsung Washer Error Code U6 switch off

If after following all these steps you keep seeing the code of the U6/Ub Error on the screen of your washing machine, there might be a technical issue. It there is a temporary malfunction in the control module, just switch off the appliance and unplug it for 5-10mins, switch it back and press Start to check whether the code is still being indicated. If it doesn’t help either, you’d better consult with the specialist, as there can be breakage in motor or smaller parts.