Hoover washing machine error e07

Hoover washing machine error e07

If you see the E07 fault code flash seven times, pause, and then repeat, your Hoover machine has a problem. The code indicates an issue with the door lock or the motor. There are models, in which door lock issues are indicated by the E01 code. In any event, the code signals a problem, which must be solved ASAP.

Diagnosing and fixing it

Refer to the instruction manual and do the following:

  • Switch off and disconnect the appliance from the mains.
  • Rotate the drum manually and listen: if it is squealing, knocking or buzzing, there may be a problem in the motor or the wiring.
  • Check the door lock and its wiring.

Not unlikely, some parts of your washing machine will need to be repaired or replaced. Once the problem is detected and solved, the error code should go away. It will not appear on the LED screen when you switch your washing machine on, and it will be running properly.

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