LG washer error code DL

LG Washing Machines Error Code DL

If you are an owner of the top-loading LG washer and your device indicates the DL code on its control panel, this means there are some issues with the proper closing of the lid. This code usually appears after the tank of the machine is filled, and all the processes just stop.

What can cause the DL Error?

So the DL code stands for improper lid closing, and it can be explained by such factors as issues with the door itself (there might be foresight objects or a part of your laundry stuck in it) or malfunction if the lock. In more serious cases the error can be explained by the weak or lost contact between the lock and the control unit, which can be explained by the damaged module or some of its components. Another reason may be in the failure of the control panel or display itself, but it is a pretty rare thing.

How to fix the DL Error?

To begin with, turn of your device for 10-15 minutes, then switch in back on, check the door for foreign objects and try to slowly close it again, waiting for the click sound, which signalizes that the lock closed properly. Press the Start button and see if the code is still displayed on the panel.

top-loading LG washer lock

If these steps didn’t help in getting rid of the error, examine the lock. If it is clogged, clean it thoroughly and try to close the door again. In the worst case, the lock has to be replaced, as it can not be repaired.

You will most likely need to call the specialist in case nothing changes after you follow all the above instructions. This means there are issues with the control module or panel.

So if the control module of your appliance doesn’t get a signal from the lock, the wires and connections should be changed and probably replaced. There might also be some issues with the control unit components, which can also be reinstalled. But sometimes the whole module has to be changed, this is why you need a specialist who is able to carry out a proper diagnostic.

The electronic panel LG washer

The electronic panel or some of its parts may be out of order. To save your time and money, call the repairman, as it is one of the main elements of your device, and requires maximum attention and professional skills.