Samsung washer error code 3E


You, as usual, put a laundry, chose the washing cycle, run the program. Your Samsung washer gains water, starts to run a drum (probably only on one side), but suddenly in couple of minutes it stops and the display shows 3E, 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4, 3C, 3C1, 3C2, 3C3, 3С4, 8Е, 8Е1, 8С, 8С1 or ЕА error code.

Please note! The EA error code is typical only for older Samsung washer models, released to 2007. 8E, 8E1, 8C and 8C1 error codes are only for new models of the 2013 year of releasing and more.

In addition, the error may appear:

  • During spin: Samsung washing machine refuses to spin clothes and shows the 3E error code. At modes without spinning, for example, during “hand-wash” the error does not appear.
  • At any time during washing or rinsing stages.

Warning! The question is only about 3E error code of Samsung washer. Do not mistake it with the E3 error. These malfunctions and codes are different.

Washer models, which are not equipped with a display, signals about the problem in a different way: often the temperature indicators (BIO 60°C and 40°C) are lighting, and mode indicators are blinking.

How to decipher the error 3E washer Samsung

3Е, 3Е1, 3Е2, 3Е3, 3Е4, 3С, 3С1, 3С2, 3С3, 3С4 or ЕА error code of Samsung washer signals about the malfunction of tacho generator (Hall sensor) motor. Control unit receives incorrect or too weak signal from the sensor, or the Hall sensor does not react at all. That is why the washer’s brain stops the motor and the machine informs you about malfunction (3E, EA, 3C, etc.)

Notice! In a case of such problems, the most advanced washing machines display 8Е / 8Е1 / 8C / 8C1 error code, which means the malfunction of vibration sensor VRT +. It is a new improved Hall sensor, which controls engine speed and the three-dimensional vibration of the drum.

In most cases, EA / 3E / 8E error of Samsung washer signals about huge failures in the engine control. However, sometimes you can solve the problem without calling a specialist.

3E error code of Samsung washer: what to do and how to repair the machine by your own?

The drum is overloaded with clothes. Remember that the maximum washing machine’s load is indicated. If you overload the washer, a motor can’t cope with such weight and refuses to rotate a drum. So, here the error appears. To solve the problem, try to remove a part of laundry and restart the washer. If the error disappears, so such problem is caused by overloading.

Accidental control failure. The washing machine is filled with electronic stuff, and sometimes it surprises us. The error can occur for no reason especially in the moment of running the washer. The “false” malfunction can be “repaired” by turning off the washer – just use “Start” / “Stop” button. For reliability, you can completely disconnect the machine and unplug it. After a couple of minutes, turn it back and restart the washing. If the reason is a failure, the error does not appear.

If the removing of a part of clothes from a drum and “restart” do not work, and the 3E error appears again, so the technique requires professional help.

Possible malfunctions that need to be fixed

Warning signs Possible causes of occurrence Repair or replacement

The washer gains water and rotates the drum for a while (perhaps, only on one side), then suddenly stops and shows the error code.

3E, 8E error codes appear in the middle of washing or rinsing.

Tacho generator is broken. It has false or too weak signals. In some cases, it does not react at all. Sometimes, the error is caused by broken Hall sensor’s winding. Tacho generator or Hall sensor needs to be replaced.
The washer works only in non-spin modes. If you chose two types of washing, the display shows EA, 3E, 8E, etc.

The problem is caused by pollution or oxidation of the internal magnetic ring of the tachogenerator or the surface of the motor shaft.

The connection between the sensor and the motor is weak, so control works only at low revs.

All areas at tachogenerator and the motor shaft have to be smoothed out.

The drum rotates with wrong speed during washing or spinning;

After a successfully finished washing, the machine does not spin the laundry.

The washer stops and shows 3Е / 3C / EA / 8E error.

Tachogenerator’s mounting to the engine body is weak. That’s why the device generates false signals.

Tacho is a ring, mounted on the motor shaft, but does not touch it. The sensor is attached with a bolt or screws that can undo during the washing.

The mounting must be tightened.
The washer gains water but does not rotate the drum at any program. The 3E error code appears on a screen. The washing machine motor is broken. Motor windings are cut. The problem also may be caused by a closure. The motor must be changed for a new one.

The washer stops and shows EA, 8E or 3E error code:

In couple of minutes after start;

During spinning while drum rotating gains speed.

The motor drive has some malfunctions: the belt is stretched out or flaked off. That is why it works intermittently during drum rotating. Tacho reacts to speed mismatch and signals about the error. It is necessary to change the drive belt.
Electric motor brushes are worn out. This device is responsible for creating the electromagnetic field. But when electric motor brushes are broken, their main function can’t be fulfilled. Therefore, the drum cannot rotate if there is a too weak electromagnetic field. Tachogenerator fixes a rotating mismatch according to the program and signals about the error. The worn out electric motor brushes have to be replaced.
The Samsung washer does not rotate the drum after gaining the water. The display shows 3E, 3C, EA, 8E error code. For the first time, the error may appear at any stage of washing (rinsing or spinning).

Breakage in the tachogenerator electric circuit: the wires are damaged or short-circuited, and the contact is broken.

The malfunction can appear in the connection circuit of the sensor to the power connector or in the area between the tachogenerator and the control module.

It is necessary to restore the wires or change the ribbon cable. The broken contact must be solder over, and the weak ones need to be smoothed out and tighten.
Samsung washer stops after running a program and displays the 3E error code. The control module is run out of order. There is no signal. Perhaps, the track board is damaged or elements are burnt out (relay, resistance, diode, capacitor, etc.) These parts are responsible for motor rotating and connection with a tachogenerator.

The burnt out element on the track board (relay, diode, capacitor, etc.) have to be changed for a new one. The damaged board tracks need to be soldered.

A processor failure requires the complete replacement of the control module.

Video how to fix error codes 3E washing machine Samsung