The lights “wash” and “rinse” are flashing on the Speed Queen washer

Some models of washing machines give signals of the appearance of problems by flashing lights on the display. This “symptom” indicates several different causes, depending on what type of load the device has, how often the indicators flash, and what happens.

You can find the cause of the error if you carefully examine the nature of the problem. For devices of the Speed Queen brand, the indicators light up in case of problems with the control board or with the fill level. In some situations, you can figure it out on your own.

Speed Queen washer indicator

What do the indicator signals say?

Indicators of Speed Queen washing machines inform the owner of problems by flashing icons on the control panel. You can understand what exactly happened to the device by looking at the number of signals.

We list the most common errors of the Speed Queen technique:

  1. The wash and rinse icons flash 1 time – problems are related to the determination of the water level.
  2. The wash and rinse icons flash 2 times – there was a problem filling the tank with water.
  3. The washing and rinsing icons are on continuously – there is a malfunction with the drain, the water does not drain after the end of the program.
  4. The rinse and lock icons flash 3 times – the system indicates that the door is not closed tightly, or that the lid is not unlocked.
  5. Rinse and lock icons blink 2 times – the system indicates that the water level does not change.
  6. The rinse or wash icons are on continuously – the amount of water in the tank is at a critically high level.
  7. The washing and spinning indicators flash 2 times – the drum does not rotate fast enough.
  8. Wash and rinse indicators flash 3 times – excessive foaming.
  9. All display indicators are flashing – the washing machine is out of order.

In the latter case, you should contact the service department for help.

Flashing buttons on the Speed Queen washing machine indicates abnormal operation of the equipment. But you need to understand that this is not always the reason for contacting a service center. Sometimes the problem arises due to the carelessness of the owner. For example, he did not close the door tightly or forgot to turn on the water supply.

Speed Queen washer

Common problem

Many owners of Speed Queen devices are faced with the problem of flashing indicators. They ask for troubleshooting tips on forums or topic sites.

Most often, questions arise about the flashing of the wash and rinse icons. These errors indicate that water is filling the tank too slowly. The notification comes half an hour after the program is turned on. There are several reasons for these problems. First, it can be low water pressure. Secondly, clogged filter screens also interfere with normal flow. Thirdly, there may have been a blockage inside the system, which must be immediately eliminated. These are the most common causes of problems.

Before starting repair work, you need to perform a few preliminary steps. First, make sure that the water supply tap is fully open. It is also worth checking the water pressure. Perhaps it is not enough to create the necessary pressure.

To restart the washing machine, turn off the power and turn it on again after 5 minutes. At the same time, it is recommended to check the hoses located on the back of the device. They must be securely attached and not yet damaged or twisted.

Clearing the system of blockages

Clearing the system of blockages

The washing machine system can become clogged for various reasons. A sign of blockage is slow draining and water collection, as well as a program failure.

If the clearance is critically small, then the drain system is blocked. The reasons for the formation of blockage are as follows:

  1. Small items from clothes got into the filter system. For example, buttons, threads, fasteners.
  2. Fluff, hair and dirt have accumulated in the system for a long time. As a result, the gap grew and decreased.

The drain hose in the washing machine can be cleaned by yourself. It will take no more than 1 hour. There are several cleaning methods: with dismantling and without dismantling. If there is no desire to remove parts and disassemble the device, then use a special chemical agent. The substance is poured into the powder tray and the washing mode is set at a temperature of 90 degrees.

Any blockages can be prevented, for this you need to do preventive maintenance regularly. First of all, before washing, remove foreign objects from pockets. For clothes made of delicate or fleecy fabrics, you should use special covers. And last but not least, we advise you to buy washing powders and gels, which contain substances that dissolve salts. They soften the water, thereby preventing the rapid formation of plaque.

Speed Queen washer blinking lights

What else needs to be checked?

In addition to the formation of a blockage, the washing machine may give malfunction signals for other reasons. A common problem is the water level sensor. If it is faulty, then the device starts to work incorrectly. This is expressed in the following symptoms:

  1. The tank is overfilled with water, or vice versa, is gaining insufficient water.
  2. The laundry is not spinning.
  3. While the program is running, it smells of burning.
  4. The machine turns on the heater when there is no water in the tank.

To independently check the pressure switch, it is necessary to dismantle the part and carefully inspect it. The element is located on the back of the machine. After opening the bolts and screws, disconnect the connector with wires and hose. The tube must not show signs of damage or blockage.

Machine reset

Machine reset

Modern models of Speed Queen cars have a reset button. It is located on the control panel. To reboot, you must click on this button and all codes will be reset. Older Speed Queen models do not have this feature. To reset, just turn off the power to the device, and then turn it on. After that, all codes will be removed from the board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the strainers need to be changed?
No, you don’t need to change dirty hose strainers. It is enough to wash them with water and a special detergent.


I have problems filling the tank with water, what could be the reason?
Check the powder tray or conditioner compartment. Some models of washing machines do not start the wash cycle if the user has not filled in the funds.


What should I do to get the Speed Queen washing machine to start taking on water?
In order for clothes to be washed correctly, the drum must be loaded with clothes that do not weigh more than the specified parameters. Many people fill the drum with a lot of things, resulting in a problem with the program. Firstly, the machine does not draw enough water for washing. Secondly, after getting wet, the laundry becomes even heavier, so the drum ceases to function normally. We advise you to fill it up to a maximum of 2/3 of the indicated weight.


How much water should the Speed Queen washing machine fill?
It depends on what type of download your device has. Top-loading models cannot be filled higher than half of the drum.