Speed Queen washer problems and ways to solve them

Speed Queen is a well-known brand under which domestic and commercial washing machines are produced. The American company, founded in 1908, offers both front-loading and top-loading models.

Despite the declared reliability and durability of products, users of Speed Queen, as well as owners of equipment from other brands, encounter problems from time to time. Usually these are an error when draining water, filling, insufficient drum speed, sudden stop during the washing cycle and excessive noise. Each malfunction can be eliminated by performing a simple algorithm of actions. Next, typical situations and ways to solve them will be considered.

Washing machine does not drain water

One of the most common issues with Speed Queen is top loading. The drain process may be disrupted or not occur as intended by the manufacturer. Usually the reason lies in the operation of the drive belt. Of all the components and parts in the washing machine, it is perhaps the main element that ensures the performance of the mechanical part.

Washing machine does not drain water

The principle of operation of the belt is to transfer rotation from the engine to the drum by means of pulleys. The faster the laundry spins during washing, the more effectively it is cleaned of dirt and wrung out. The problem with draining water in the models of the Speed ​​Queen line usually occurs precisely when the drum rotation speed is insufficient.

The correct operation of the belt is directly related to its tension. If it is not enough, then slippage begins, which prevents reaching maximum power. The weakening of the drive belt is due to its wear. The first sign of a malfunction will be an excessive amount of water in the wrung out laundry. Insufficient tension will prevent the machine from spinning the drum so that the loaded items become dry, especially when the compartment is full. In the end, the situation leads to the fact that the water simply stops draining.

The problem is solved by replacing the worn belt. The procedure can cause difficulties for an inexperienced user, so the sequence of work must be followed. For those who have encountered the maintenance of washing machines for the first time, it is recommended to refer to the user manual supplied with the purchased Speed Queen model.

For repair, panels are removed that block access to the failed spare part. Then the belt is dismantled, and a new one is installed in its place. Here it is worth remembering about one simple pattern – the installation of the product is more difficult than the removal.

Washer does not drain water

When installing a new belt, you need to wrap one end of it around two pulleys – a drum and a motor. This will require some effort. The product must be taut enough to fully transmit rotation. After the implementation of these actions, the drum is rotated manually. This is necessary in order to understand the correct installation of the belt and its fit on the pulleys.

Error related to filling the washing machine with water

If the user has such a problem, then the cause should be sought in the supply valve or in the timer. The first acts as a regulator of a sufficient volume of water, and the second is responsible for coordinating all processes. That is why the timer is often called the “brain” of the device, which controls not only filling the machine with water, but also spinning with draining. After loading the laundry and selecting the washing program, the device guarantees the correct execution of the cycle and the timeliness of each of its stages.

The failure of the supply valve is associated with its partial opening or failure to do so. Without enough water, the washing program will not start.

If the machine fills up, then the problem is in the timer. The problem can be identified by the presence of a burning smell, melted parts and other damage to the device.

filling the washing machine

Repairing the supply valve and timer is a laborious process that is often impractical. To correct deficiencies, a complete replacement of parts is recommended. The procedure is quite simple and does not require special knowledge. The first and most important step on the road to success will be the ordering of spare parts. It is worth checking the user manual that comes with the Speed Queen washing machine so as not to make a mistake with the model.

When replacing parts, the first step is to disconnect the equipment from the network and turn off the water. The next steps are:

  1. Place a towel under the valve to remove any remaining water in the system.
  2. Remove the panel and carefully examine the elements, the serviceability of which is in doubt.
  3. Remove the check valve fasteners. As a rule, it is fixed with a plate and several screws.
  4. Disconnect electrical connectors.
  5. Replace the spare part with a new one.
  6. Assemble equipment in reverse order.

The washing machine does not spin well

Sometimes users encountered a situation where the drum could not give out the maximum rotation required to complete the cycle. In the case of the Speed Queen models, the likely cause of the problem is the vibration sensor. The device helps to determine the balance of the washing machine and eliminate the possibility of breakage due to excessive vibrations. If the vibration readings exceed the allowable values, then the drum slows down in forced mode.

washing machine does not spin well

Unfortunately, the wiring to the vibration sensor on Speed Queen vehicles is a weak point, so the described problem is not uncommon. First of all, you will need to study the insulation for integrity. If during inspection of the line defects (cracks, breaks or kinks) are revealed, then they must be eliminated. Restoration of wires should be carried out by soldering using heat shrink. You can start checking the speed of the washing machine by making sure the connection is secure.

Stopping the Speed Queen in the middle of a cycle

In some cases, the washing machine may interrupt the operation unexpectedly. As a rule, users encounter such a problem due to a faulty door lock. Most often, a stop during the cycle is observed at the moment of maximum vibration of the equipment.

The lid switch ensures that the compartment closes properly, ensuring the tightness and safety of using the washing machine. If the lock is in good condition, then when it is opened during the cycle, the program stops the current operation.

Speed Queen in the middle of a cycle

The solution to the problem is to replace the door switch. This procedure does not present any problems. After purchasing the locking unit, the user needs to disconnect the equipment from the network, remove the panel. This is followed by the dismantling of the switch, which consists in disconnecting the connectors and unscrewing the screws. Assembly is carried out in the reverse order. The main thing is to tighten all fasteners that secure the locking device and make sure that the power chips are connected.

Extraneous noise from the washing machine

The Speed Queen line has another common problem – unpleasant sounds during the operation of equipment. Usually, the owner begins to notice a rattle or squeal as the drum rotates. The source of noise in this case may be a tension roller or belt.

Any active part in technology is subject to wear. The washing machine pulley is no exception. Over time, the element begins to deform and perform its functions less efficiently. Cracks and bends prevent the pulley from properly interacting with the drive belt, which causes the user to hear characteristic sounds.

Before fixing the problem, you need to check the condition of the pulley. This can be done by manually rotating the element. If during manipulations extraneous sounds begin to appear again, then the source of noise is a faulty pulley. To fix this problem, it is enough to purchase a new spare part and install it in place of the worn or damaged one. For models of Speed Queen washing machines, there are convenient kits with a belt and a tension roller.

Extraneous noise from the washing machine

To install a new part in place, the user will need to perform several operations:

  • turn off the washing machine to get to the pulley by removing the panels and drive belt;
  • Disconnect the defective part. As a rule, it is fixed with one bolt;
  • install a new pulley;
  • collect everything in reverse order.


In the event of a breakdown of equipment, there is no need to panic and call unverified masters. You can solve the problems that arise when using the Speed Queen washing machine yourself. The main task of the user is the correct diagnosis of the fault. Therefore, it is worth starting with an inspection. Usually, incorrect operation of equipment is associated with typical cases:

  1. If the machine does not drain the water, then there is a possibility of stretching the drive belt. To make sure that the element needs to be replaced, it is enough to check its condition and correct fixation on the pulleys. The latter are also subject to study in the presence of extraneous sounds. Usually, the wear of parts leads to a strong hum and it will not be a problem to recognize it even for a person without experience.
  2. In case of insufficient filling of the washing machine with water, check the supply valve and the timer. Restoring devices is impractical, so it is recommended to replace the parts with new ones.
  3. The electrical part is a problem when the equipment fails to reach full capacity. In such a situation, the cause is usually a vibration sensor that prevents the drum from spinning up to the maximum speed.
  4. Stopping the program during the execution of the cycle with a high degree of probability indicates a breakdown of the lid lock switch. It is enough to check it visually and replace it with a new one if necessary.

In some cases, the procedure for troubleshooting is described in the instructions for the model. In order not to make assumptions, it is better to immediately refer to the document (user manual).

And, most importantly, for any repair you need to follow safety rules. Equipment must be disconnected from the network to avoid electric shock.