AEG Dishwasher Error Code 10

AEG Dishwasher Error Code 10

E10, E11 and E12 error codes indicate a problem, which is preventing water from filling the drum. This is a distinct issue, and it is usually easy to identify. At the same time, it must be cleared ASAP to prevent more serious damage to your machine.

Water begins to fill the machine’s system when the electrical solenoid inlet valve is activated. Once it is, it opens and begins to let water in.

If you see at least one of these fault codes, the valves are not opening for some reason and, consequently, the machine is not getting water. They are either blocked or not activated. Also, it is advisable to check the inlet hose: not unlikely, it is kinked or clogged.

This may require a serious repair. If you feel like you have enough skills and expertise to handle it yourself, take precautions: do not disassemble the unit without ensuring that it is disconnected from the mains.

If the inlet hose is all right, check the inlet valve’s continuity using a multimeter (check the instruction). It should be 2000 to 4000 Ohms. If the continuity is too low, the valve is faulty. Also, the valve should give a hum when launched. If it does not, it is faulty and needs to be replaced.