Bosch dishwasher error code E15

Bosch dishwasher error code E15

Most Bosch dishwashers have a complex error series of the screening program, which will surely explain to you why dishes are covered with food debris and the machine refuses to turn on.

If you find out which combination of buttons to push, you may get error codes. Your next task provides understanding what the fault means and how to fix it.

How to decipher the E15 error of Bosch dishwasher

The range of classic Bosch dishwashers is somewhat easier to diagnose. Mainly it can be done due to clearly marked error indicators on the front panel. One of the most common mistakes is E15 or «Check the water». On forums, it is also often called «the problem when the aqua-stop worked».

Don`t panic! The malfunction can be fixed by your own.

The reasons of the E15 error code appearance

The E15 fault of Bosch dishwashers can be caused by the following factors:

  • sudden disconnection from the network;
  • malfunction of the water drainage sensor when the aqua-stop worked;
  • the system is clogged;
  • hoses are wiped or installed in a wrong way.

Of course, the reasons can hide much deeper, but you should start with simple ones, otherwise, you can not do without an experienced master.

How to get rid of the E15 error of Bosch dishwasher

If you got the message about the error, so most likely your Bosch dishwasher stopped in the middle of a cycle because of power failure or the aqua-stop system work.

The dishwashers do not like it, that is, they do not like to be interrupted in the process of important work.


Before carrying out any work, make sure that the dishwasher is disconnected from the mains and is not under tension.

To get rid of the E15 error code of your Bosch dishwasher, you have to turn off the machine and unplug the power cord. Wait for a couple of minutes for the system to reset. Then turn on the device and run the program again.

In the cases when the E15 fault is caused by the water leakage sensor malfunction, it can be fixed independently. The sensor float could simply “stuck”. You have to carefully shake the washer from side to side. Then drain the water and leave to dry.

Leak sensor failure

To prevent the water penetration into the lower part of the body, you should pay attention to the exact dosing of a detergent, and also be sure that the dishes with the remains of soap are not in a sink. The fault can be also caused by the excessive amount of foam that penetrates into the absorbent layer of the aqua-stop system in the pan.

The clogged water drainage system of Bosch dishwashers requires more efforts for the problem elimination. Remove the dishwasher from the kitchen to open the left side cover completely. Use old towels or rags to absorb the water from the bottom of the device.

Blockage of the drainage system

Carefully remove the filter, located at the bottom of the dishwasher drum and rinse it under the running water. It could be littered with food debris or excess detergent. Take everything back and put the dishwasher back into its location and connect it to the power supply.

Thus, the problem of the E15 error appearance of Bosch dishwashers will be solved by your own.

However, if all the above-mentioned recommendations do not work, the help of a specialist is required because the problem can hide in the control board or in something else.

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