Bosch washing machine error code Cl

Bosch washing machine error code Cl

Usually, children want to learn, discover, explore their environment and snoop around. For a child, everything that surrounds him or her is a toy in our big incomprehensible world. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of a child’s actions. Most often it is necessary to limit this dashing and dangerous activity.

That’s why engineers created a new function called “Blocking from children”. CL error code of Bosch washing machines means blocking from children. This option completely blocks the control panel, and when you press any button, no action occurs.

How to deactivate the option “Blocking from children” and get rid of CL fault?

For example, in Bosch WAS 28743OE and Bosch logixx 8to washer models you can deactivate the option “Blocking from children” the next way: chose the certain program when the machine was blocked, open the door and then push and hold the key – the pointer to the left “<“.

Unlocking with Bosch logixx 8 washing machine

For Bosch WAS 20443 washer and many other models push and hold the button “start/pause” for few seconds. In addition, the function of blocking from children can be turned off during the washing process (for example, if you need to add some laundry).

Unlocking Bosch WAS 20443 Washing machine

If the function of blockage can’t be deactivated, turn off the washer from the socket for 30-60 minutes. If this did not work, call a specialist.

Video how to fix error code Cl dishwasher Bosch