Siemens dishwasher error code E15

Siemens dishwasher error code E15

If your modern Siemens appliance indicates the E15 Error code on its main screen, this means the Aquastop system has trigged and there is a danger of the leak in your device. It is impossible to proceed with the washing cycle and in some cases, the device can switch off and stop reacting on any actions.

What can cause the E15 Error?

The E15 Error reflects the activation of the Aquastop system, which could have started because of the accidental water overflow, malfunction of the water-level sensor, improper connection of the hosepipe, or clogged drain filter. The faulty drain pump can also provoke the leak in your appliance, as well as a temporary system glitch, which is the easiest thing to check. Another cause, which is easy to deal with is an excessive detergent or its poor quality, which creates extra foaming.

How to fix the E15 Error?

As usual, start with rebooting the device in order to eliminate the system glitch which might cause the code indication. After you turn your machine back on and saw the code in the display again, start the thorough inspection of the device.

It is pretty obvious that in most cases the E15 error appears due to a real leak or its danger. But you still have to make sure, because sometimes the sensor or even the control module fails and the whole electronic system starts to glitch.

To begin with, unplug the appliance from the main power and water supply. Then disconnect it from the sewerage and plumbing systems. Pull off the machine and make sure you have enough of rags prepared, in case the water starts running out. In case the flood has started — you are most likely having some mechanical issue in your machine. But if the tray under the dishwasher is dry — there are some issues with electric or electronic components.

To find the leak faster, the dishwasher should be partially disassembled. Remove the lid and back panel, it will give you access to the detergent compartment and the tray. Connects the machine back to all the systems and start a test cycle, but you should be very careful, as it’s not safe to do with not assembled appliances.

Siemens dishwasher error code E15 determine cause of the leak

But now you can see from where the water drips into the tray, that means you have determined the cause of the leakage and you can repair or replace the damaged part. It is in the tank, try to seal it.

It gets much more difficult even it comes to the failure of the electronic components. The easiest of them is to check the water level sensor and its contacts, which may be oxidized or burnt-out. In the first case, clean them, in the second — replace. The sensor itself has to be checked with the multimeter and in case it is out of order — replace it.

Siemens dishwasher error code E15 pressostat

If the worst thing happened and the reason for the error is in the main module of your appliance, you can try to fix it yourself, checking the contact with the multimeter, and fixing or replacing the damaged ones. But is recommended to contact the service center for proper diagnostic and professional repair, as it is the main element of your machine and its successful operation depends on the main module.