Siemens dishwasher error code E14

Siemens dishwasher error code E14

If you notice the E14 Error Code on the main screen of your Siemens device, this is how the “brain” of the dishwasher is telling you that there are some issues with the water-flow sensor in your appliance. This sensor is responsible for detecting the volume of water in the tank and is installed instead of the pressostat (which is usual for all washing machines).

The detector sends a signal to the main unit, where there is enough water collected to heat it to the required temperature. So, technically, the flow sensor has the same functions as the pressostat and in case of the element’s failure, the process will be pretty much the same.

Besides the malfunction of the sensor, the E14 Error can be caused by the breakage of the inlet valve and even the failure of the main module, which can be really serious.

How to fix the E14 Error?

Anyway, the first thing to do is to exclude the one-time glitch from the list of possible reasons. Unplug your machine from the socket for 15 minutes and check whether the code is still indicated in its screen after you switch it back on. If it is — tries one more trick. Incline the device to the left (the angle has to be about 20 degrees), it will help to eliminate the extra pressure. Sometimes it helps in resetting the error, but if not — start examination the inner parts.

Siemens dishwasher error code E14 Check the flow sensor

Check the flow sensor first. Use the multimeter and inspect the contacts of the de-tector, as they might have burned out or oxidized and have to be cleaned or replaced.

As for the sensor itself, just like the pressostat, it can not be repaired, only replaced. But it is a pretty easy process if you take photos of how it was connected.