Bosch dishwasher error code E20

Bosch dishwasher error code E20

If you see the E20 Error code on the main panel of your Bosch device, it means the system is sending you a signal that there are some issues with the circulation pump of your device. On the models without any screen, the same error is indicated by the blinking of the “Tap” bulb.

What can cause the E20 Error?

According to the Bosch manual, this Error is indicated when the circulation-pump is faulty, but it is not the only possible reason. There can be issues with the element’s wiring or even the simple clog of the drain system could cause it. The blockage of the drain filter doesn’t let the pump work properly, same with the impeller and its blades. And of course, there is always a possibility of the system glitch, which is easy to reset.

How to fix the E20 Error?

First of all, switch off and unplug your device from the main power. Leave it like that for 10-15 minutes and switch it back on. If the code disappeared from the display then it was a simple glitch of the control panel and you can start the washing cycle again. If you still see the E20 combination, then its time to proceed with an examination of the inner components of your machine.

To get to the pump you will need to first unscrew the drain filter, which may also cause this error. So after you unplug your device, open the door and take all the trays and baskets. Detach the filter and rinse it thoroughly. Sometimes its blockage causes the problems in the work of the pump, so don’t forget to clean it once or twice a month.

Bosch dishwasher error code E20 pump

Now you can test the impeller of the pump, which can also be clogged, or its blades are damaged and have to be replaced. To inspect the pump itself, you will have to turn your machine upside-down and remove the bottom panel. Take the photo of how it is connected to the circulation unit and only then start disconnecting the wires. When you took the pump out, examine it for visible signs of damage and proceed to check with the multimeter. If the element is broken, it has to be replaced.

In case you didn’t manage to determine the cause of the E20 error on your own, contact the service center, and they will be able to run a professional diagnostic of your appliance.