AEG Dishwasher Error Code 20

AEG Dishwasher Error Code 20

The I20 fault code indicates that your dishwasher is not draining well.

It is simply not being pumped out of the system, which is, most likely, because:

  • There is a discharge pump malfunction
  • The discharge pump is not getting electricity due to poor/loose wiring or a fault in the electronic activation system.
  • There is an obstruction or blockage in filters, siphon, discharge opening, the cover plug has not been removed, etc.
  • The discharge hose is kinked or twisted, or connected too high (above 1 meter)
  • The ball valve in the discharge trough is blocked and is preventing the pump from ventilating properly,

Also, the system may be unable to define water level in the system. This occurs because:

  • The pressure controller is not working
  • The pressure controller hose is blocked, twisted or kinked
  • The heating element has poor insulation