Bosch dishwasher error code E06

Bosch dishwasher error code E6

The indication of the E6 Error code on the display of the Bosch machine is a signal about issues with the AquaSensor, the detector responsible for measuring the turbidity if the water in the device.

What can cause the E06 Error?

The AquaSensor is a really useful part of your device, which allows consuming less electricity, in case the dishes you are washing are not too dirty. It detects the cleanness of the water inside the tank and sends a signal to the main module, that no rinsing is needed, so the cycle is shorter and less power is needed to complete it. The sensor also allows reusing the water during the cycle, in case it is clean enough.

Besides the malfunction of the AquaSensor or its wiring, the E6 Error can be caused by the failure of the control module, which can be whether a one-time glitch or a serious breakage, where you might need professional help.

How to fix the E06 Error?

First of all, reboot your machine in order to eliminate the one-time glitch from the list of probable explanations for the error. Switch the device off and disconnect it from the socket for 15 minutes. If the code is still shown on the display after you switch the device back on, proceed with inspecting the machine.

Bosch dishwasher error code E6 Clean the tank

The error can be caused not only by the malfunction of the sensor but also by the dirty surfaces of the tank, where the dishes are located, so clean the tank thoroughly and make sure nothing clogs its inner elements.

The next thing to do is to examine the AquaSensor and its connections. As some of the wires might be burnt-out or oxidized, others can be simply disconnected. So now you need to find the sensor. It is located on the bottom part of your device, connected to the circulation pump. Remove the left side panel of the machine and you will get easy access to it.

Bosch dishwasher error code E6 AquaSensor

Check the contacts and clean or replace some if needed. Then test the sensor itself. You will need a multimeter, in case there are no obvious visible damages or impurities on it. Sometimes it is enough to just clean it, but in most cases, the replacement of the element is required.

In case the sensor and its contacts are fine, the problem can be in the control module, but for its proper diagnostic and repair/replacement, you will need professional help, as this is the most important and complicated element of your dishwasher, which has to be treated very carefully.