Frigidaire dishwasher error code I30

Frigidaire dishwasher error code I30

The I30 Error Code detected on the Frigidaire dishwashing machine’s display informs you that there is an overflow in the bottom tray of your machine, caused by overconsumption of water. The code is usually accompanied by the inability to open the door or press any of the buttons. Sometimes the issue can be confused with the leakage, but it is actually a different thing, though the leak can be one of the rare reasons for this code indication.

What can cause the I30 Error?

Besides the failure of the control board, the following issues may cause the I30 Error code indication on the screen of your device:

  • The failure of the leak sensor;
  • The malfunction of the pressostat;
  • The clog of the drain system;
  • The breakage of the inlet valve;
  • Actual leak.

How to fix the I30 Error?

As usual, try rebooting your appliance. Unplug it and leave for half an hour. If the code will still be displayed after you switch it back on, there is one trick you can do, but it will take some time. Unplug the machine again, incline it to let the water out. Then take it out of the niche and put down on the floor, so that the water could drip out of it. You should wait for a day or two until the device will be completely dry. Then place it back on its place, connect to the mains, and try to run a test cycle. It is possible that the error will not be detected anymore. But what if it does?

So if there is really water in the bottom tray, you should find the leaking area. Remove the top and side panel of your device and run a washing cycle, watching from where the water gets into the tray. Be very careful, as it is not too safe to switch on the disassembled machine, make sure not to touch open electronic components.

So when the leak is determined, seal or replaced the damaged part and the problem will be solved.

In case there is no leakage — the explanation is in one of the electronic components of your dishwasher.

Frigidaire dishwasher error code I30 clean filter

The easiest thing to check is the drain system — inspect the hosepipe, filter, and the pump for clogs and grease plugs, clean and rinse them thoroughly, make sure you install everything back properly. Now you can check whether it worked or not. Do not forget to clean the impeller of the drain pump, as this component often gets plugged and has to be cleaned once a month.

The next step will be to check the leak detector, which is placed right inside the bottom tray of the appliance. Examine its contacts. Some of them might be stuck or oxidized, others — burnt-out. So I so late or clean those that need it, replace the damaged ones, and, finally check the sensor itself. Use multimeter. If the detector is faulty you will have to replace it, as it’s impossible to repair. But if it is in order, simply clean it and put it back in its place. Proceed with inspecting the valve.

The valve can be clogged or damaged, as well as there can be issues with its wire connections. As for the wires, the multimeter will help you identify the problematic area. The clogs and damages you can easily see yourself. Clean if needed or install the new element. It is pretty cheap and easy to attach, just make sure you don’t confuse any wires while connecting it back.

Frigidaire dishwasher error code I30 pressure sensor

The pressostat can also be clogged and needs to be cleaned from food parts and grease. After you cleaned it, check it with a multimeter, as if it’s out of order, it has to be replaced, no chance to repair.

The worst case you can face while searching for the cause of the I30 Error in your Frigidaire device is the malfunction of the main module, which is a very serious breakdown and required a professional diagnostic and repair. However, sometimes you can identify the faulty areas yourself, and change the burned-out elements and contacts.