GE dishwasher just beeps but won’t start

The GE brand dishwasher is equipped with various functions, including the sound signal in case of an error. If there is a failure or breakdown in the system, the device will begin to emit a “squeak”. This indicates a malfunction. However, the error code does not always appear on the display at this moment. Perhaps the device reacts to power surges in this way, or a breakdown has occurred in the operation of the door latch. These are just a few explanations for why the machine does not start, but only makes a sound. Let’s consider how to solve the problem without contacting the master, and how to determine the nature of the malfunction by the “squeak”.

Continuous beep

When the dishwasher beeps without interruption, while the indicators on the panel flash, it means that a power surge has occurred. You can fix the problem by rebooting. To do this, press the start or reset button. The device will start working as it normally does.

Continuous beep

Unfortunately, the problem may return. To prevent it, you must turn off the power for 10 minutes. After that, the machine is restarted and turned on again.

Intermittent beep

Sometimes a “beeping” sound appears after starting the machine. It occurs every few seconds and the wash cycle does not start. Most likely, the user did not fully close the door. The door is equipped with a special lock that protects against leaks. After closing, the blocking signal is sent to the module. If the lock is broken, or the door is just loosely closed, the program will not start.

In this situation, you need to try again to close the door tightly and press “Start”. If the cycle starts, then everything is fine with the device. If the program is not activated, then the lock is broken. You can replace it yourself.

Intermittent beep

Health check

If desired, you can check the operation of the door if it seems that the breakdown is related to the latch. In this situation, you can hold the “Start” and “Select cycle” buttons at the same time. After 5 seconds, the device will start checking. The indicator lights indicate closed doors, while flashing LEDs indicate a problem with the latch.

After the diagnosis, the LEDs will turn off, only the lock indicator will remain. While it is lit, you can conduct an additional check. First you need to hold down the “cycle selection” button for 5 seconds. Then it is pressed again. The Start button starts the diagnostics. After that, you can figure out the cause of the malfunction if you carefully examine the indicators.

Frequently occurring problems

Regularly on forums on the Internet, users ask questions about the operation of dishwashers. Most often, they encounter a problem when the buttons of the device work, but the cycle does not start. After pressing the “Start” button, the device gives signals, and then stops responding.

Health check

Some owners say that even after restarting the dishwasher, the problem does not disappear. The display does not show any error codes, and the device still does not start and beeps.
The listed situations often occur with dishwasher, and you can deal with the problem yourself or with the help of wizards. They can recommend various troubleshooting techniques. Some of them work, and the machine stops “acting”.

What to do if the dishwasher does not start?
First of all, it is worth eliminating the “banal” causes. First, you should check your network connection. There may have been a power outage or a problem with the outlet. If the power is on, you can try to reset the appliance and run the wash cycle again. And lastly, a diagnostic test is carried out for existing errors.


What to do if the dishwasher stops working?
First you need to check the power of the device, that is, whether it is connected to the network. Perhaps the problem is hiding in the outlet. It is important to make sure that the electricity is stable. If there is power, but the device still does not turn on, you need to restart the machine. The last diagnostic test is run.


Why is the start button blinking on the display?
If the start button blinks continuously, then the wash cycle has been interrupted for some unknown reason. If after pressing the “Start” the indicator continues to flash, this indicates that the machine will begin to drain the water, and then go into standby mode. Sometimes this problem indicates a power failure or problems closing the door.


Could the problem be related to the operation of the thermal fuse?
A broken thermal fuse prevents the dishwasher from starting, and no beeps will be heard. The fact is that the faulty part will stop supplying power to the control board, and therefore the device will not turn on.


Where is the thermal fuse located on GE brand appliances?
Typically, the thermal fuse is located at the top of the board and has a pair of wires connected to it.


How often do GE dishwasher models have problems?
GE is renowned for its quality and reliability. It cannot be said that the equipment of this company has many problems. Problems appear with devices of different brands. Most often, GE devices experience problems with water intake, leaks, drains and an abrupt stop of the washing program during an active cycle. Sometimes owners complain about problems with the quality of washing. This happens when the drain is clogged. To prevent the problem, you need to clean it twice a year.


What is the service life of GE brand machines?
GE brand equipment, subject to the operating rules, can last 9-10 years. Proper care will increase the service life.


Do Plumbers Handle Dishwasher Problems?
Plumbers don’t deal with dishwasher problems, but they do occasionally install them. The “installation” service includes connection to the water pipe and electricity. If repair of the device is required, it is necessary to call a master who specializes in this.


Why does my machine beep from time to time for no reason?
The dishwasher may make noise during the wash cycle. This does not indicate that there are any problems. On the contrary, in this way the appliance indicates that it has entered another washing phase. Sometimes sharp beeps still indicate a breakdown, but at the same time the machine starts to work poorly.


How to reset the settings on a GE machine?
To reset the control panel settings, follow the instructions. First, you should press the “START” for 5 seconds, at the same time hold the “Select cycle” button for another 5 seconds. As a result, the control panel will be cleaned, the machine will work in the same mode.


How to prevent damage to the dishwasher?
Preventive measures prevent the occurrence of malfunctions. Here are some tips for the correct use of the device:

  1. Before loading dishes, clean them of food residues.
  2. The dirtiest dishes are placed in the lower basket and the rest in the upper basket.
  3. Preventive cleaning of parts should be carried out every 3 months.
  4. It is important to use professional products for washing dishes.
  5. You can not overload the PMM.

In addition, it can be advised not to abuse short washing cycles. Only if the above rules are observed, the owner will not encounter errors and sudden breakdowns.