LG dishwasher error code E1

LG dishwasher error code E1

If the E1 or AE Error code is indicated on the main display of your LG dishwashing device, it means your appliance is leaking. The E1 alphanumeric combination is used by all the modern machines, while the older models reflect the same Error with the AE code.

What can cause the E1 Error?

There can be several explanations for the E1 code appearance on the control panel of your appliance. They can be whether mechanical or electronic.

The mechanical reasons are linked to the improper installation — the hosepipe is connected not to rights or on the wrong level. The filter is not attached properly or the door of the device is damaged and leaks.

As for electronic issues, they are mainly connected to the Aquastop system of your device. When there is water in the bottom tray, the water level sensor starts sending signals to the main unit, and the Aquastop is activated. Sometimes the error appears because of the sensor malfunction.

How to fix the E1 Error?

To begin with, check the door of your device — try to press it tighter and inspect the rubber gasket for any signs of damage. If you see it has to be replaced — carefully pull it out and prepare the new gum to replace it. Put it on the place where the gasket was.

If the hatch seal is fine, inspect the one that is placed on the bottom of the door. To do it, you will have to remove the front panel of the device and the bottom tray inside the drum of the machine. Attach the new seal, close the door, and put the front panel back on its place.

Check that the drain system is connected correctly. The hosepipe must not be too low, otherwise, the water will leak. Another possible reason is the clog of one of the draining elements. So carefully inspect the hose and the filter and rinse them thoroughly.

LG dishwasher error code E1 check all connections

The next step is to check all the connections from the inside of your device — all the pipes and hoses have to be tightly attached, no gaps are allowed. Sometimes the clamps have to be replaced.

After you checked the drain system, inspect the valve, as it may need a replacement. If you notice some marks on it — don’t wait for too long, Hager a new one.

LG dishwasher error code E1 water level sensor

Examine the water level sensor with the multimeter and clean all its contacts. They may have burned-out or oxidized. In case the detector is out of order, get a new one, as it is almost impossible to repair.

In the worst case, the E1 Error can be caused by the damaged tank, and in this case, you can only call a professional repairman, who will tell you whether it is possible to fix it or you have to buy a new machine. So be very careful with loads of your washer, avoid all the possible foreign objects and place sharp knives and forks in a special compartment.