LG dishwasher error code le

LG dishwasher error code le

LE appears on LG dishwashers when there is a problem in the motor. In turn, the motor may fail for a dozen of reasons. For example, there may be a wiring issue (most frequently), locked impeller, rotor or blade. Finally, the may be a problem in the printed circuit board (PCB). If you try to address these issues in turn, most likely, you will remedy the error.

How do I repair it?

The LE fault code signals a problem with water circulation, which results from a motor malfunction.

  • The motor has overheated. Turn off the machine and wait for about 40 minutes until it cools down.
  • Restart the cycle after 40 minutes and check the display. If the error does not appear again, it’s ok.
  • If the error reappears, please, follow the steps described in the next paragraph.

If it appears again after the motor has cooled down:

  • Check the motor’s wiring and be sure it is not loose or damaged.
  • Make sure that the impeller and rotor are not damaged or frozen and rotate freely.
  • If none of the components proves to be faulty, but the error is still there, the water pump and motor need to be replaced.