LG dishwasher error code P1

LG dishwasher error code p1

Don’t worry if you see the P1 combination on the display of your LG dishwashing appliance. Unlike many other alphanumeric indications, the P-group (P1, P2, P3, P4) of codes only means the chosen program, not an Error.

Deciphering of P codes

The indication of any of the P codes on the control panel of your LG device says that the selected cycle has been downloaded. There are four different modes, each of them has its own number, which stands after the letter P.

P1 is a mode for washing kitchenware, such as pots and pans. During this program, the greasiest and hardest to clean utensils will be washed. This is the most effective and most used cycle.

P2 cycle is a more delicate type of program, than P1. During this mode, you also can wash pans and other utensils, which are not that greasy and dirty.

P3 code stands for the program of washing glasses and other dishes with transparent surge Ses, which need to be clean and shiny. It is the most delicate cycle.

P4 cycle is the one you want to use for the night wash. The most silent program, which needs a little bit more time than the usual one, but with it you will sleep well and wake up to perfectly clean and dried dishes.