Samsung dishwasher 5e error code

Samsung dishwasher 5e error code

If the 5E error code suddenly appears during the operation, there are several possible causes, such as faulty pump, blocked pump filter, clogged hoses, etc. You should pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Did it appear when the wash cycle was complete and the soap dispenser released?
  2. If the cycle is not completed yet and the soap dispenser is still closed, how soon after the start of the cycle did the code appear?

Do the following:

If it is Number 1, most likely, there is a clog in the system or the filter is blocked. To check it, disconnect the drain hose from the sewer and put its end into a bucket (you can do that safely, because the are only 2 gallons of water). If there is too little or no water, check the hose and filter. Also, there may be a problem in the pump, and it has to be replaced.

If it is Number 2, and the cycle won’t even start, there is a problem in the Case Level Sensor DD94-01006A. This may occur because of poor quality water.

It is quite easy to fix. Disconnect your washer and remove a metal plate in the bottom left corner of the machine. It is a black float inside a transparent plastic case, and there are wires connected to it. Normally, the float moves freely up and down. If it looks too bad, you can simply buy a new one ($35.00). It is also advisable to check the DD67-0057A drain for debris. Clean it, if necessary.