Samsung dishwasher error code 4C

Samsung dishwasher error code 4C

The indication of the 4C Error code on the panel of your Samsung dishwashing device is the sign that you have an issue with the water-supply system. In other words, the water can not get into the tank of your appliance. And without the water, not a single program of your machine will work, so it is crucial to find a reason for this error and try to fix it, in order to bring your device back to life and to get your dishes washed.

The same error is reflected by a 4E alphanumeric combination on some of the Samsung models.

What can cause the 4C Error?

The initial thing to check when the 4C code appears on your appliance is the water-supply system of your house/apartment. The pressure may be too bad or the main tap is shut. Check the water in the sink or shower — maybe you’ve been cut from the main water supply.

Another easy-to-solve issue is the temporary glitch of the electronic system, which only requires the machine rebooting to reset the error.

Samsung dishwasher error code 4C damaged water hosepipe

Other possible explanations for the 4C Error code are:

  • Damaged or clogged water hosepipe;
  • Issues with the water-fill valve;
  • Plugged or improperly connected filter;
  • Problems with the connection of the water hosepipe and the detergent compartment;
  • Incorrect installation of hot and cold water hoses;
  • The failure of the wire connection;
  • Malfunction of the control board.

How to fix the 4C Error?

If after you checked the water supply system of your apartment and rebooted the machine, the 4C or 4E code is still indicated on the display of your device, its time to inspect other parts of the washer for damages and breakages.

First of all, check the hosepipe for brands and clogs, clean, and fix it. The next step will be to inspect the filter and rinse it if necessary. Make sure you connect it back properly, as it can cause a leak if there is a gap between the filter and the body of the machine. The same is with the hosepipe.

Then check whether the cold and hot water pipes are attached to the right faucets, as the incorrect connection can also lead to the 4C code appearance.

The pipe which connects the soap compartment with the water hose has to be placed correctly and not damages. Inspect it carefully and fix it if needed.

The inlet valve is the next to inspect. First of all, see whether it is open, as it might have been stuck in the Off position not letting the water run. If it’s all good, you should check the two solenoids if the valve with the multimeter. So first you have to disconnect it and take it out.

The indication on the multimeter has to be from 2 to 4 kOhm. If the number you see is different, the whole valve has to be replaced.

Samsung dishwasher error code 4C check all the connections of the control unit and valve (1)

In case none of the above steps lead you to the error resetting, the wiring of your device can be faulty. You have to check all the connections of the control unit and valve with the multimeter and replace the burned-out contacts, clean oxidized, and fix the loosened ones.

In the worst case, the error is caused by the malfunction of the main unit. And for its proper diagnostic, it is better to consult with the specialist, as this is the most important component of your device and needs maximum attention and qualification.