Samsung Dishwasher Error Code OE

Is your Samsung dishwasher displaying the letters “OE”? On the whole, it is an over-level water error. Refer to the table below to find out the details concerning the meaning of the code and possible solutions.
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Over-level water error

Display Samsung Dishwasher Error Code OE

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code OE Samsung Dishwasher Error Code OE Samsung Dishwasher Error Code OE

Description Samsung Dishwasher Error Code OE

OCCURRING CONDITION When overflow detection AD data is 3.5V or below for 3 seconds (When leakage sensor detects 3.5V or below for 1 seconds during water supply)
EXPECTED CONDITION Alien particles within water supply valve.
Case Sensor part breakdown.
Possible defect: Flow Meter, Main PBA, Water supply valve.

Error TypeError modeChecking MethodCorrective actions
Over-level water erroroE or “Heavy” + “Smart Auto” LED1. Check the connections for the Overflow Sensor connector.- Reconnect the Overflow Sensor connector

(DMT800/610/400/350, DW7933 Series)

(DW80F800, DW80F600 Series)
2. Check whether the Inlet Valve operates normally.- Water supply Error
3. Check whether water is supplied (even small amounts) in the intervals when the Inlet Valve is not operating.- Remove foreign material from the Inlet Valve
- If you cannot remove the foreign material from the Inlet Valve, replace it
4. Check whether there is any trace of water leakage on the top of the Case Sensor.- Clean the Hose-Sensor and the Case Sensor

(DMT800/610/400/350. DW7933 Series)

(DW80F800 . DW80F600 Series)
5. Check whether an “Over Level Water Error” is detected when the assy wire-harness connector for Overflow Sensor is not connected.
• Normal: The “Over Level Water Error" does not occur.
- Faulty: Replace the Main PBA assy
- Normal: Replace the Assy case brake(flow-meter)

(DMT800/610/400/350, DW7933 Series)

(DW80F800, DW80F600 Series)

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code OE Fix