Samsung dishwasher he error

Samsung dishwasher he error

Samsung has built a solid reputation for its advanced technology and dependable home appliances, and their dishwashers are no exception. Samsung dishwashers are lauded for their efficiency, sleek design, and robust cleaning features. However, as with any home appliance, they can occasionally experience technical issues. One common problem is the ‘HE’ error code, which is associated with heating problems in the dishwasher.

The ‘HE’ error code typically indicates an issue with the dishwasher’s heating element. This heating element is responsible for raising the temperature of the water to the ideal level for effective cleaning. When the dishwasher is unable to reach or maintain the required temperature, the ‘HE’ error code is triggered.

Let’s delve deeper into what causes this error code, its implications for the dishwasher’s operation, and how you can troubleshoot and potentially rectify the issue yourself.

Understanding the ‘HE’ Error Code

Primarily, the ‘HE’ error code is a signal that the dishwasher’s control board is not detecting the expected increase in water temperature. This is usually due to a malfunctioning heating element or thermostat, though other factors can be involved, such as a fault in the control board itself or a problem with the thermistor, which monitors the water’s temperature.

When the ‘HE’ error code is displayed, the dishwasher typically stops mid-cycle and won’t complete its cleaning cycle. This interruption can leave your dishes uncleaned and may even cause a potential safety risk if ignored over an extended period.

Troubleshooting the ‘HE’ Error Code

Before attempting any troubleshooting steps, ensure that the dishwasher is powered off and unplugged to avoid the risk of electrical shock.

  1. Check the Heating Element: The heating element can be inspected visually for signs of damage or wear. If you notice any burn spots or if the element is broken, it will need to be replaced.
  2. Inspect the Thermostat: The thermostat regulates the water temperature in your dishwasher. If it is not working correctly, it may not be triggering the heating element as required, leading to the ‘HE’ error. This component is usually found attached to the bottom of the dishwasher tub and can be tested using a multimeter.
  3. Verify the Thermistor: The thermistor, also located near the bottom of the dishwasher tub, monitors the water temperature and communicates this information to the control board. A faulty thermistor could send incorrect data to the control board, causing the ‘HE’ error.
  4. Examine the Control Board: If all other components seem to be in working order, the control board may be the problem. Look for signs of damage or burn marks. However, due to its complexity, it’s best to consult with a professional if you suspect the control board is at fault.

Seeking Professional Help

Should your DIY troubleshooting efforts prove unsuccessful, it’s essential to seek the assistance of a professional. A certified technician has the training and experience to diagnose and repair your Samsung dishwasher safely and efficiently.

Remember, while the ‘HE’ error code is frustrating, it serves as a protective measure to prevent further damage to your dishwasher. It’s always crucial to address these error codes promptly to ensure your dishwasher’s longevity and efficient operation.

In conclusion, while Samsung dishwashers are generally reliable appliances, the ‘HE’ error code is a common issue that owners may encounter. Understanding what this code means and knowing how to troubleshoot it can save time, money, and potential frustration. However, for more complex problems, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. After all, the main goal is to keep your dishwasher running smoothly and your dishes sparkling clean.