Siemens dishwasher error code E22

Siemens dishwasher error code E22

The indication of the E22 Error Code on your Siemens device is almost always accompanied by the inability of your appliance to complete the cycle. It appears in the last phase of the selected process and signalizes that the draining of the liquid is not going well.

This error is comparable to the one, demonstrated by the E24 code and they may sometimes alternate on the display.

What can cause the E22 Error?

So as you already know, the E22 code means that the water doesn’t get out of the tank because of the clogged drains or a non-functioning pump. But what can cause it? These are the most common explanations for this error:

  1. A defect or plug in the drain hose.
  2. Tray clogging
  3. The clog of the drain filter.
  4. Inappropriately connected elements of the drainage system.
  5. There are dirt and grease on the pump’s impeller’s blades.
  6. Issues with the pump itself: leakage or breakage.
  7. Break in the pump or pressostat wiring connection.
  8. The malfunction of the pressostat.
  9. Electronics failure (whether one-time or a serious issue).

How to fix the E22 Error?

To exclude the one-time module glitch from the list of the possible error causes, switch off and unplug your appliance from the main power. In case the E22 Error is still indicated after you turned the machine back on, giving it a 15-minutes rest, start examination the draining system of your device, disconnecting and cleaning every element of it.

Unplug the machine, open the door and take out all the trays and baskets. Unscrew the bolts to get to the pipe. Take out the filter.

Siemens dishwasher error code E22 pump

To get to the pump you will need to turn your device upside-down and take off the bottom and side panels. The pump is placed on the heating-element and connected to it by numerous wires. Take a photo before detaching it in order kit to confuse anything while installing it back.

After all of the elements were thoroughly cleaned and rinsed, proceed with the examination of the draining pump and its impeller. The blades of the impeller have to be cleaned from grease once a month, as it gets clogged too fast and its proper functioning is crucial for the machine operating.

Siemens dishwasher error code E22 clear filter

Install the cleaned or new pump back, assemble the machine, and put it in its place. Screw back the hosepipe and the filter and run a test cycle. Now everything should be fine, but don’t forget to periodically clean the drain system of your appliance, not waiting for the code to show up!