What do the flashing lights mean on a Frigidaire dishwasher?

The control panel of any dishwasher, including Frigidaire, has icons that light up when programs are running. The indicators show the enabled functions at the time of operation of the device. If the icons start flashing continuously, there is a malfunction inside the instrument.

Warning signals may indicate that the door is not closed properly or that the water supply is not running. Flickering is also caused by problems such as a defective heating element or control board. You can understand what the problem is if you know the error codes. Focusing on them, the user will be able to recognize the breakdown and fix it.

lights on my Frigidaire dishwasher

The information provided will help you understand why the indicators on the scoreboard began to flash, and what can be done about it. At the end of the manual, we will give frequently asked questions from users. This information may also be useful for those who have recently purchased a new unit.

Why are the lights on my Frigidaire dishwasher on and off?

There are several reasons why the icons on the Frigidaire’s control panel start flashing. We present the most common of them.

The door not fully closed

If the icons on the display start flashing, then the dishwasher has a malfunction. But do not immediately worry about this, because the problem may be typical. Most often, users do not close the door to the end, and, accordingly, cannot start the program. Indicators warn the owner of this. Solving the problem is quite simple. It is necessary to latch the door and select the washing program again. The icons will stop flashing and the running cycle will start washing dishes.

There are situations when the door, even when you try again, does not close completely. Perhaps it is blocked by foreign objects. This happens when a lot of bulky dishes are placed in the basket, or cutlery accidentally gets stuck and becomes an obstacle. If you fold the dishes correctly, then there will be no more such problems.

The door not fully closed

Door latch damaged or defective

The lights on your Frigidaire dishwasher may continue to flash if the latch on the door is damaged or defective. The device mistakenly assumes that the door is not closed, which means that it does not allow the program to start. The latch should work when the cycle is turned on.

If this does not happen, the control panel will activate the icon indicating the error. At this moment, a chain of operations takes place inside the system. The device detects by means of a latch that the door is closed by transmitting a signal to the main board. After that, the wash cycle starts.

In addition, the latch ensures that the dishwasher will stop washing if you open the door during the cycle. Thus, a protective signal is triggered. It prevents the device from leaking and prevents injury.

Door latch damaged or defective

If you understand that the problem lies precisely in the latch, then it will have to be replaced with a new one. You can do it yourself, or with the help of repairmen.

The process does not require special skills. First you need to remove the latch itself and disconnect the wiring harness. After that, it is attached to a new part and inserted back into place.

Heating element defective

If the problem is not hidden in the latch, then you need to pay attention to the heating element. It is this part that breaks most often, since it is the main component of the dishwasher.

The heating element is a part designed to heat water. Hot water effectively dissolves detergents and removes dirt from dishes. In addition, the heating element plays an important role in drying. It heats the air so that plates and cutlery are dry at the end of the wash cycle.

When the dishwasher recognizes that the water is heating too slowly or too quickly, it will give an alarm. As a rule, the problem lies in the performance of the heating element. A flashing light appears on the control panel to indicate the presence of a fault.

Heating element defective

If the part responsible for heating is really out of order, you will have to replace it. To do this, you need to act according to the algorithm:

  1. Disconnect the device from the power supply.
  2. Lay it on its side.
  3. Remove the plinth and inspect the wiring.
  4. Check the resistance using multimeter probes.

If the element is really broken, a complete replacement is indispensable.

Control panel issues

If the previous problems turned out to be “false”, then the malfunction lies in the control panel. It is important to understand that sensor parts are difficult to replace and will be quite costly to repair.

There is one proven way to understand if there are problems with the control panel. First, try pressing a few buttons and check their response. If they work “with a freeze”, then the panel is really faulty. Another verification method involves dismantling the display with further checking the integrity of the circuit using a multimeter.

Some Frigidaire models are quite easy to dismantle. You may need to replace only one part, or the entire panel.

The only part with which you can check the electronics of the device without dismantling the panel is the power button. Signs of a malfunction are freezing, the absence of a turn-on signal, the appearance of errors on the scoreboard.

Malfunction of the main control board

If self-diagnosis did not reveal any problems, we advise you to check the operation of the control board. This is another important component of the device, which is the “brain” of the entire system.

The main board includes an element with components that control the dishwasher. Most often, problems in the system appear due to unstable operation of electricity or after a short circuit. In this scenario, the contacts may be subjected to excessive heat. After that, the board will begin to function incorrectly, along with this, the control panel will become faulty. This will lead to chaotic inclusion of indicators. They will flash and glow for no apparent reason.

main control board

Unfortunately, fixing the main board on your own is quite difficult. You will have to replace not only it, but also related elements. It must be understood that the repair of all components is an expensive procedure.

What are “error codes” on Frigidaire machines?

In addition to glowing indicators, the dishwasher reports problems using codes. They are displayed on the display when a particular breakdown occurs. The device detects which element of the system “has failed”, and then displays the corresponding code on the screen. The user immediately understands exactly where to look for a malfunction and what it is connected with.

You can decipher the error codes using the brochure “Owner’s Manual”. It lists the codes and the issues that correspond to them.

Such a check will simplify the search for a breakdown. The owner of the dishwasher will be able to immediately begin repairs.

error codes

Answers to frequently asked questions

How do I reset my Frigidaire dishwasher?
To restart the device, you must turn off the power. After that, you will need to wait about 5 minutes and turn it on again. From now on, you can use the machine again.


Can the error code on the Frigidaire dishwasher display be reset?
You can reset error codes by pressing and holding the cancel button. There is also another easy way – restarting the dishwasher as described in the previous question.


How to activate the Frigidaire brand diagnostics?
To activate diagnostic mode, press and hold the High Temp Wash and Start/Cancel buttons at the same time. After a few seconds, the device will emit a short beep. After that, the machine will start testing the system.


How do I get the Frigidaire to drain water?
There are situations when during the washing cycle the machine stops working and responds to the commands of the control panel. The user has to disable it. In this situation, the appliance does not drain the water. To drain the water forcibly, you need to press the “Cancel” button and cancel the program. The device will begin a short drain cycle.