Bosch dishwasher error code E02

Bosch dishwasher error code E02

The indication of the E02 error code on the main panel of your appliance means that your device is having difficulties with heating the water. The problem has an electronic, not mechanical, explanation, so the list of the probable causes is pretty short.

What can cause the E02 Error?

The regulation of the water’s temperature in the tank of your machine depends mainly on the heating-element and its wiring. But the error can also be caused by the failure of the main unit, which is the brain of the machine, responsible for all the operations. Thermostat, which is out or order is the last possible explanation for the E02 code occurrence on the display of your machine.

How to fix the E02 Error?

Before starting the inspection of the inner components and wires, reboot your appliance. Leave it switched off and unplugged for at least 15 minutes. This time should be enough for the system to reset and if the code indication was caused by a one-time glitch, it will disappear after you turn the appliance on again. If the error code is still displayed, proceed with a thorough examination of the wiring between the inner parts of the machine’s system.

Bosch dishwasher error code E02 wiring

Sometimes the damaged wires are pretty easy to detect — oxidized and burnt-out, you can see them in the first few seconds. Replace or fix the ones that need it. If you can not determine the damaged wires, use a multimeter, which will help you locate the problematic area.

Bosch dishwasher error code E02 check main unit

You can also check the main unit for broken contacts and wires, but sometimes the malfunction is hidden and needs a professional diagnostic to determine the real reason. So in case the wiring and the heating-element are fine, as well as the thermostat, it is recommended to contact the service center and ask for a professional diagnostic of the control module. In worst cases, the whole module has to be replaced, as this element is vital for the proper functioning dishwasher.