Exploring the reasons why Samsung dryer not spinning

Finding out after washing that the drum of the dryer does not rotate is a nightmare for every owner of such a device, because then there is no idea what to do with freshly washed clothes: is it really possible to get ropes and clothespins? Moreover, subsequent calls to technicians are even more annoying: it is not only long, but also expensive.

You can replace the long wait for technicians and spending money on repairs by independently manipulating the dryer. According to statistics, only in 10% of cases, dryers really need to be examined and installed. In most cases, the user can solve the problem on their own with minimal cost.

Samsung dryer repair

Common Causes

As a rule, the reason for the incorrect operation of the dryer is one of the reasons from the list:

  • The belt is broken;
  • Broken tension roller;
  • Drum roller and/or drum axle worn out;
  • Rear drum bearing stuck while rotating;
  • The motor of the dryer is out of order;

What actions should be taken in each of the above cases?

Broken drive belt

Drive belt breakage is a common problem among dryer users. Typically, this problem is common among older dryers, but there is a chance that this problem will also occur in a new device. At first glance, this problem may seem overwhelming for self-assembly, but with a patient approach, it is quite easily eliminated.

The function of the drive belt is to rotate the dryer drum. Since over time all the elements of the mechanism wear out, the belt may become unusable. If this happens with a new dryer, this indicates poor assembly. If this is indeed the problem, then you need to purchase a new belt for the dryer from a specialized store. And always check whether this or that belt is suitable for your dryer model.

Broken drive belt

After purchasing, you can proceed with the installation of the device. First you need to remove the front panel of the dryer, then the partition. After that, you just need to remove the old belt and replace it with a new one, and then assemble the mechanism back. The instructions in the machine usually describe how to correctly perform this action step by step.

Idler pulley broken

The idler pulley performs an important function in the drum rotation mechanism. Together with the tension roller, they keep the drive belt taut, this allows the drum to spin evenly and smoothly. Sometimes a situation arises when the tension pulley ceases to fulfill its function. This may be due to the fact that the rotary mechanism is poorly lubricated.

Determining that the problem lies precisely in the idler pulley is quite simple. If, before the dryer completely stopped working, it made crackling and creaking sounds, then most likely the problem is in the tension pulley. To fix the problem, this part must be completely replaced with a new one.

The components of the drum roller and axle are worn out

Dryers, as a rule, have a multi-level device. It has special rollers that hold the main array of the drum. They can be located both inside the structure and from the front of the drum. In the event that one of these elements fails, the dryer stops working. The surest way to determine the root of the problem is to listen to the sounds the dryer makes. If a squeak is heard, most likely the problem is with the drum rollers.

Since it is rather problematic to determine which roller has failed, it is recommended to replace all rollers and axles at once.

Incorrect drum slip

It is not uncommon for the manufacturer to install plastic holders to support the outside of the drum. In the case when the drum is in an unusable condition, these plastic parts begin to rub against the drum and make characteristic sounds similar to grinding. As soon as the dryer starts to make such a sound, you need to immediately change the holders. And they change quite simply and quickly.

Incorrect drum slip

Worn drum bearing

The drum bearing is not used in all dryers. First you need to make sure that it is in your car, and then find out if it is the reason for the incorrect operation of the mechanism. This is determined by assessing the condition of the part: if it is worn or damaged, then it needs to be replaced.

Drive motor broken

The drive motor is exactly the component that sets the mechanism in motion. In the case of a tumble dryer, the drive motor drives the drum and the fan. If the fan wheel is clean, then the drive motor is the problem. In the event of a minor breakdown, the engine can be repaired, but if the mechanism is too worn out, it must be replaced.

Drive motor broken


What should I do if my Whirlpool dryer is not working?
In Whirlpool dryers, as a rule, the failure of the mechanism is associated with a broken drive belt. Moreover, breakdowns usually occur after prolonged use, since Whirpool is a reliable manufacturer.
Before changing the belt, you need to make sure that this is the problem. Further actions are the same as when replacing the belt on any other mechanism.


What should I do if the Maytag dryer is not working?
Maytag tumble dryers tend to have a tendency to wear on the drum rollers. In the event that the machine has stopped working correctly, check these particular parts in the system first.
If at least one defective roller is found, it is better to replace all at once. In this case, you do not have to constantly spend time replacing them.


What should I do if my Samsung dryer is not working?
According to statistics in Samsung dryers, as a rule, in the event of a malfunction, the cause lies in the bearings. They can both break and wear out during long-term operation.
You can buy replacement bearings at almost any hardware store. Before replacing, make sure that the other components of the dryer are in good condition. If scuffs and breakages are noticed on other parts, it is better to replace them too.