How to fix the Samsung dishwasher when it is not draining

The mechanism of the dishwasher is built on the principle of the water cycle: dirty water is drained, and clean water is poured. If the circuit is broken, then the device can no longer perform its primary function. That is why the problem of stagnation of dirty water must be promptly addressed.

The reasons for this behavior of the dishwasher are blockages:

  • Drain hose;
  • Filter;
  • Drain pump;
  • Water supply unit.

samsung dishwasher repair

Another less likely cause is a malfunction of the drain valves and solenoids. Some devices display error codes on the panel, which help to more accurately determine the cause of the failure.

You need to check all the options to find a solution. Before installation, be sure to disconnect the device from the power source and from the water supply. Also check the machine manual for the location of the above parts.

Error codes

Fault signals on the dishwasher panel are standard. All of them are spelled out in the instructions, so the search for a problem is greatly accelerated. Codes 5C, SC, 5E, SE, OC or 0C indicate that dirty water is not being drained.

False Signals

The erroneous display of an error code on the panel is also possible: it occurs despite the correct operation of the dishwasher. If the problem is ignored, the device may stop in the middle of work.

If you see that the device is working without failure, but an error code is displayed on the panel, check the drain sensors. This is especially true when the dishwasher has been in operation for a long time. Sensors can be repaired or completely replaced with new ones, depending on the degree of neglect of the part.

False Signals

Reasons why water does not drain

We will analyze all the reasons why the water in the cabin does not drain, in more detail.

Drain hose clogged

The first thing to check when this problem occurs, since it is the task of the drain hose to drain dirty water not only from the dishwasher, but also from other plumbing fixtures.

First, check the hose for deformations. Visually assess the condition of each pipe section. Make sure that there are no creases or twists anywhere: any of these circumstances affect the patency of the hose.

Drain hose clogged

Second, check the pipe for blockages. At first, this can be done with a flashlight: bring it close to the pipe, in areas that are not translucent, most likely, pollution has formed. To fix this problem, unscrew the hose from the device and clean it with special products.

If none of the previous methods worked for you, check if you have removed the special plug on the hose. This applies to cases where the error code appeared after installing a new pipe.

Faulty valve

To find the valves in the mechanism, refer to the instructions and user manual. Its function is to ensure that the water does not flow randomly, but in one specific direction. He is responsible for the flow of clean water into the basket.

If the part has become faulty and has ceased to perform its function, then various failures occur, including the inability to drain the used water. Moreover, the nature of the problem differs depending on the position in which the faulty valve is located: if it is in the closed position, then the reason is in the device of the part itself, if it is open, then in the pollution inside it. In the first case, only a complete replacement of the element with a new one will help; in the second, you can try to clean the valve. If this does not help, you need to replace it with a new one.

New valves are inexpensive, so you can immediately change old ones to new ones.

Filter clogged

The filter in the dishwasher is located at the bottom of the dishwasher. There, during operation, water accumulates, which, when completed, is removed through the aforementioned drain hose. The filter, in fact, should prevent blockages in the pipe: large particles accumulate on it, if they enter the hose, they could cause blockages.

Particles subsequently remain and accumulate in this filter, which can cause clogging with prolonged use. A blockage, in turn, prevents the drainage of water from the cab. Then the corresponding error code is displayed on the dishwasher panel, due to which the device cannot continue to work.

Since the problem is not related to technical problems in the operation of the device, it is quite easy to fix it. It is necessary to remove the drain filter from the bottom of the device and thoroughly clean it from debris and dirt. Timely cleaning of the filter will prevent the constant lack of water drain. Further, when the filter is clean, it must be installed in place.

Filter clogged

Clogged or defective drain pump

The drain pump is an electrical part of the dishwasher that is responsible for displacing dirty water from the cabin using an impeller. In fact, the drain pump is the first step in cleaning the inside of the device after washing dishes. If it is faulty, then the water cannot even come out of the cabin.

If there is a problem with draining dirty water and if you do not find blockages in the filter and pipe, check the operation of the pump. It can break due to electrical and mechanical damage. So, if the machine is in operation for a long period of time or if there were short circuits and other problems with electricity, this could cause the drain pump to break down. When the reason for the incorrect operation of any plumbing is related to the breakdown of the component parts, this part is easier and more efficient to change.

Another option is mechanical damage. In the case of a filter, the problem may be that a foreign object got into the impeller and then began to impede its movement. In this case, the solution to the failure is to clean the drain pump. To find it, refer to the instructions and user guide. It is usually located at the bottom of the mechanism. Clean it of food debris and other contaminants and install it back.

If the water still does not drain after cleaning the pump, replace the pump with a new one.

defective drain pump

Faulty drain solenoid

The drain solenoid is practically not used in modern washing machines, to clarify its presence in your mechanism, refer to the instructions. It works almost like a valve: it opens and closes to control the flow of water from the cabin.

When the solenoid fails, the water from the device will not drain and an error code will appear on the panel. Solving the problem with the solenoid can only be done by completely replacing the element. It is usually located at the bottom of the dishwasher next to the hose and pump.

Feed unit clogged

The supply unit is the part in the device through which water passes directly to the drain hose. It is unlikely that the problem of dirty water getting stuck in the cab is related to the supply unit. It is worth checking this option if no malfunctions with the hose and filter have been identified.

But it is not necessary to completely exclude this item from the possible reasons. Water passes through many elements of the dishwasher from the device cabin to the hose, so at any stage there is a chance of failures and malfunctions.

Feed unit clogged

If it was found that the cause of the error code is precisely the blockage of the feed unit, then this issue must be resolved immediately. This is due to the fact that the duration of the problem directly affects its severity, respectively, a quick solution minimizes the chance of side effects.

So, in order to remove the blockage of the feed unit, you must first determine its location, for this, refer to the user manual. Next, in accordance with safety regulations, remove the part of the dishwasher body, behind which is the water supply unit. Disconnect the water hoses from it and clean them with a brush. Then install everything back in reverse order.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Let’s answer the most frequently asked questions:

How to forcibly drain the water from the cab?
To force drain the dishwasher, press the Cancel or Start button for 5 to 10 seconds. If nothing happened, then check the hose and filter for blockages. It is worth clarifying that some machines may have other hotkeys, check the manual for the device.


How to check if the drain pump is defective?
First find the location of the pump. It is usually located at the bottom of the dishwasher. Move the lower part of the housing and remove the microfilter. Next, wipe all parts from dirt and moisture so that they do not interfere with viewing and repair. On the pump, pay attention to the impeller: see if there are deformations on it, and also try to make a turn with your finger inside it. If the impeller is defective, replace it. Then wash the pump inside and out and reinstall all parts. When installing the drain pump, make sure that the cover makes a characteristic click, indicating tightness.


How to clean the drain hose?
First, use a flashlight to illuminate the pipe: in areas that are not translucent, most likely, pollution has formed. To fix this problem, unscrew the hose from the device and clean it with special products or brushes.


What should I do when the drain problem code is displayed, but the machine is working properly?
Check the drain sensors. Due to a malfunction, they may incorrectly record the drain of water and display error codes on the device panel. Sensors cannot be installed, their complete replacement is required.