Kenwood dishwasher error code e1

Kenwood dishwasher error code e1

This fault code means that your unit is not getting enough water from the plumbing system.

To test your unit, press and hold the Norma and Eco buttons, then press Power.

  1. Release all buttons, then press Start (display n:01).
  2. Press the Start button once again. The display will indicate water level frequency as not important.
  3. Press Start again-(display n:03 – the motor is running).
  4. And again (display n:04 – the drain pump is running).
  5. And again (display n:05 – the inlet valve is on and letting water in to fill the system properly).

This way you can test each key component one by one. Use this method to test dispenser, heater, etc., as well. These do not concern this particular error, but they do need to be checked from time to time.

If the test mode is not ensuring proper filling, it is likely that the inlet valve is not working well. Check if for continuity (it should be around 3.7-4 kOhm)

If the valve is ok, but the error is still there, there may be other reasons why it should not be filling. Disconnect the unit from the mains. Remove the top, bottom, front and side panens.

  1. Check the base of the machine: if there is water, there is a leak, which has triggered the safety device and thus blocked the inlet valve.
  2. If there are no leaks, there may be a meter problem: most likely, it is miscalculating the amount of water coming in. It is located in a plastic compartment in the left-hand part of the unit, and there are three wires – a red, white and black ones, connecting the sensor to the control board. Most likely, you need to replace the meter (happily, it is not very expensive).
  3. If the meter proves to be all right, there is a problem in the main control board. This issue requires professional assistance.