LG Inverter Direct Drive Dishwasher Error Codes

ProblemPossible CausesSolution
The display shows OE code. (Water is not pumped away.)• The drain hose is kinked.
• The filter is clogged.
• Motor trouble. (Washing motor or Drain motor)
• Straighten hose(s).
• Clean the filter.
• If you can not solve the problem, call for service.
The display shows IE code.• Water is not supplied.
• Water tap is not opened.
• Water sensor has trouble.
• Check the water tap.
• If you can not solve the problem, call for service.
The display shows AE code. (Automatically Drain pump operated.)• Water is leaking from the hose connections.
• Damage to the unit has been caused by a water leak.
• Close the water tap and unplug the power plug.
• Call for service.
The display shows FE code. (Automatically Drain pump operated.)• Excessive water is supplied, which is more than the normal water level.
• There is a problem with the inlet valve.
The display shows HE code.• The water heater circuit is damaged.
The display shows tE code.• Thermistor trouble or very high inlet water temperature.
The display shows LE code.• Motor trouble.
The display shows nE code• Vario motor trouble

The display shows PF codeThis indicates there was a power failure. This function protects the dishwasher in the event that the power goes out or the power to the unit is disrupted. When power is returned, and a button is pushed, this will display for 3 seconds and then go away.
The display shows Cd codeCd means Cool-dry. This is an additional drying cycle to assist drying performance. This cycle runs for a further 60 minutes after the course has finished. It can be interrupted at any time by opening the door.
The display shows CL codeCL means Child-Lock. This function is used to lock or unlock the control buttons to prevent all the settings from being changed by a child. It can only be activated during the wash cycle.
The display shows F codeWhen the unit is displaying F, the sensor is measuring the water clarity. After 5 minutes of sensing (except draining and filling), the unit's display will then show the processing time.
The display shows numbers between 1 ~ 19This is not an error code, but indicates the setting of the delay start. To cancel the function, turn the power off. To change the course and option, open the door and select another course and option. Countdown will then continue after door is closed again.
Buzzing sound. (High Temperature Alarm)This is not an error. When you open the door right after heating wash, rinse or dry, buzzing sound would keep on ringing for safety if the inside is heated.
OdorIf the dishwasher is not used daily, we recommend to run a Quick cycle once or twice a day until you have a full load.
In case odor still persists, run a vinegar rinse through a Auto cycle by putting 2cup(500ml) of white vinegar in an upright measuring cup in the lower rack, without detergent.
We recommend to maintain according to the USER MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS.