Siemens dishwasher error code E09

Siemens dishwasher error code E09

If you noticed theE09 Error code on the display of your Siemens machine during the cycle, this is how the system signalizes you that not everything is ok with the heating-element. It can be whether overheating or the short-circuit in the element, anyway, it is very important to determine the cause as soon as possible and to fix it.

What can cause the E09 Error?

Almost in all the cases, the Error is related to the heating element:

  • Due to the long service life of the appliance, it is pretty normal, that some parts may become faulty;
  • Because of the scale on the element, it starts working slower;
  • The clog of the filter may lead to the overheating;
  • The short circuit caused by worn-out hoses and connections.

It is also possible, that the error occurred because of the one-time control board failure, or breakage of the temperature detector, as well as the glitch in the main module. Another explanation is the wiring problem and your main power supply system.

How to fix the E09 Error?

As usual, the step, to begin with, is switching the machine off and unplugging it from the power. While the dishwasher is resting (10-15 minutes), check the socket it was connected to and the power supply of your house or apartment. Plug any other appliance in the same socket the machine was plugged into and see whether it will work properly.

Turn the washer back on and see whether the code is still on the display. If it is there, the cause is in the heating element, and now you need to find it.

Siemens dishwasher error code E09 heating element

Disconnect the device from all the systems and pull it out from the niche. Take all the trays and baskets out of the machine, remove the bottom panel and the rocket arm, now you can see the pump. Take a photo of how it is connected and detach it. Now divide the heating element, explore it, and install the new one if needed.