What does OC code mean on Samsung dishwasher and how to fix

Dishwashers are household appliances with high efficiency. With their help, the dishes become crystal clear, while the device saves water and at the same time a person’s time. Many modern models are equipped with many useful features. A large number of modes helps to clean even the most difficult dirt.

When a problem occurs in the dishwasher, the system notifies you with error codes. They are displayed on the display and let the owner know what kind of problem needs to be solved. Samsung brand cars are not without flaws. The OS code that appears on the screen is one of the most common and simple system errors. It appears when there is too much water in the machine. To fix the problem, you need to contact the experts.

OC code

Features of modern dishwashers

Modern household appliances include many functions that are not always easy to manage. New dishwashers are able to control any changes within the system, including the water level and even the amount of detergent. If any problems have occurred, the device will immediately report this by demonstrating error codes.

When too much water accumulates in the machine, the OS code is displayed on the display. On some models it looks like oE. The problem with decoding is that without diagnostics, it will not be possible to understand the exact cause of the breakdown.

What to do?

First of all, all owners of dishwashers try to restart them immediately after an error occurs. This approach may solve the problem, but temporarily. After one wash cycle, the error will return again. There are different methods for diagnosing problems. An OS error usually indicates an excess of water in the system. The user needs to figure out and fix the breakdown until it completely disables the device.

Drain hose clogged

Drain problems

The drain problem is the most common of all. It is better to start diagnosing with this malfunction. First you need to check the connection between the drain and the sink. Perhaps there is a blockage. After that, you need to check the hose. It is important to see if it is connected correctly and if it has any kinks. If everything is fine with the hose, it is necessary to drain the water and observe the process. The formation of a blockage is indicated by a slow pressure from the hose. In this case, sewer cleaning will be required.

To clean the sewer, you need to disconnect the drain hose. Next, pour boiling water into the drain hole along with a pipe cleaner, for a greater effect, you can clean it with a steel cable.

Filter cleaning

After checking the operation of the drain, it is important to start cleaning the filter. First, you need to make sure that there is not much water inside the machine, otherwise, it will pour out immediately after opening the door. Work begins with the removal of the lower rack. Next, remove the “filter door” by turning the handle counterclockwise. Under it is the filter itself, which must be removed and cleaned of contaminants. After that, it is returned to its place and the operability of the machine is checked.

Filter cleaning

Cleaning the drain pump

It is recommended to clean the drain pump immediately after cleaning the filter. Some models of Samsung appliances allow access to the pump after removing the filter. Internal dirt and blockages tend to prevent water from draining. At the same time, the device may make strange noises.

When working with the internal elements of the machine, it is important to be careful. Some of the parts are made of lightweight material, so extra care won’t hurt.

Additional cleaning

In a dishwasher, not only the filter and pump can get dirty. There is a drain area next to the appliance door. This part also collects a lot of garbage. Dirt can be removed with a rag. After that, restart the dishwasher. If the error code is no longer displayed on the screen, then the problem is solved.

Water level sensor

If the dishwasher repeatedly shows the OS error, then the problem may be hiding in the water level sensor. A similar malfunction often appears in Samsung brand models.

Sensor failures often occur for the following reasons:

  1. Depreciation of parts of the device.
  2. Contacts within the system have been oxidized.
  3. Initially low quality dishwasher parts.
  4. The service life of the pressure switch has expired.

If the sensor does not work correctly, then the device “thinks” that the water level is critically high. Immediately after that, the OS code appears on the screen. You can repair the sensor yourself. The main thing is to turn off the power and water supply before work.


A reset is a reboot of the dishwasher. The procedure is carried out after the repair work, and not instead of them. First you need to disconnect the device from the mains by removing the plug from the socket. After 5 minutes, you can turn on the device again. The error code should no longer be displayed.


Sensor replacement

Replacing the sensor yourself is quite simple. It is important to follow the instructions:

  1. First you need to remove the back wall of the machine.
  2. The connection hose is dismantled under the sensor.
  3. The part is removed and at the same time the connector for connection is removed.
  4. A new sensor is installed.
  5. The design is assembled in the reverse order.

If the assembly is done correctly, the water level in the chamber will be optimal.

Recommendation: After installing a new sensor, start the unit immediately to check if the installation is correct. To prevent the problem from returning, you should follow the rules for operating the device and clean the drain 2 times a month.

Sensor replacement

Questions and answers

Can I buy a new water level sensor?
Of course. It is possible to buy a new sensor. To do this, you need to choose the option that matches the model of the dishwasher. The Samsung brand has a wide range of appliances, and each of them requires a specific part.


How much does a new water level sensor cost?
For most models of Samsung machines, a new sensor costs about $150-165. You can order the item online. It is best to give preference to original spare parts so that after the repair the device works without interruption.


How to run Samsung dishwasher in cleaning mode?
Many appliances are equipped with a self-cleaning function. To activate it, you will need to pour dishwashing detergent into a special compartment, and then select the self-cleaning mode.


Do I need a separate outlet for my dishwasher?
When connecting the device, it is allowed to use both a separate socket and an extension cord. However, the extension cord must be of high quality, with a well-fixed body, thick wire and a plug without defects.


Do not ignore the operating rules described by the manufacturer in the user manual. It is easier to maintain the device in working order, adhering to certain rules, than to spend time and money on buying and installing new parts. In addition, some parts require a complete replacement, since their repair was not originally provided.