Why install and how a dishwasher tripping breaker works

It would seem that the dishwasher is quite simple to install, and you can forget that you need to do something else with it. Just every time you need to wash the dishes, it loads, turns on and works out a full cycle, and the result is clean dishes without grease and stains. However, sometimes the device turns off the automatic type switch in the house. In this case, you need to understand what exactly led to this situation, and then fix the problem and continue using the device as before.

There can be several reasons, most often it is a problem with the heating element, loose shorted or loose connectors. Often this is due to a short circuit of the transformer, a breakdown of the control board, or a malfunctioning motor. All this can lead to excessive power consumption, tripping the circuit breaker.

dishwasher tripping breaker works

How to narrow the range of circumstances that led to the problem

First you need to understand exactly why the switch continues to stop working, and you need to ask only the right questions. Their main list will be considered below.

Is there a connection to GFCI?

This is a type of auto format switch that provides the user with protection when triggered during the occurrence of an electrical imbalance. The whole house is not served by this system, instead a wall outlet is usually used.

It is worth assuming that the device is connected to this network. If the problem is caused by himself, it will work, not the switch. In this case, it will be possible to confirm that the problem is in the dishwasher. But assuming that it was the switch that tripped, even if the device is connected to the GFCI, the problem may be something else, that is, not in the washing machine.


This is a question that needs to be asked first, and then other points need to be considered, which will be discussed later.

Does it fire in the middle of a cycle?

To narrow down the problems, you need to find out exactly when the system shuts down. In particular, this may be before the start of the wash cycle, during it or after it. Perhaps this situation occurs every time randomly, and there is no clear pattern. So, absolutely every stage of the cycle activates certain functions of the machine. So, if the interrupter is triggered at the same stage every time, it is much easier to determine which element of the device has a problem. If this is not done, you can make a mistake during the repair or replacement, as a result, the problem will not only not be solved, but it will also get worse.

Why does the circuit breaker keep tripping?

The problem may be related to the heating element, electrical connectors, control board, motor, and transient voltage suppression diode. Each of these points deserves separate detailed consideration.

Heating element

Heating element

It is located at the bottom of the device and is presented in the shape of a horseshoe, while the connector is one at both ends. If we take into account the name of this element, we can conclude that it is able to heat up. If we consider the dishwasher system as a whole, we can say that it is activated to heat water as part of the wash cycles, rinses. As soon as the process comes to an end, the air is heated, but already during the drying cycle.

Damage to the heating element is not uncommon, and this happens in a variety of ways. So, a plate or something else can get stuck in it. The malfunction could relate to the appearance of pits and irregularities on the surface. In any case, as a result, a lot of electricity is consumed, and there is even a risk of a short circuit, which causes the switch to trip.

Heating elements are not intended for repair, it is easier and more convenient to replace them. To get started, refer to the user manual. Then, if something is not indicated in it, or it is lost, or damaged, read the information on the Internet. It remains only to find the optimal heating element that is compatible with a specific dishwasher model.

If a decision is made to replace it yourself, you must turn off the electrical and water sources. After that, you need to gain access to the heating element that is already installed. You can remove it with a screwdriver or wrench.

Electrical connectors

Each component inside the dishwasher has them and allows you to form an electrical circuit. Due to them, parts can receive power for further uninterrupted operation. The connection of individual components to the control board is also ensured. Their actions are coordinated and automated throughout the entire washing cycle.

Electrical connectors

There are several ways in which such constructs cause problems. For example, if they are not initially attached correctly, then detachment will occur due to vibration. In addition, some wires may be completely exposed. In such situations, there is an increased risk of a short circuit, which will trip the breaker to prevent an accident.

To solve this problem, you need to check all the electrical connectors and identify any problems in them. Connections that are loose require immediate replacement. Such work should be trusted to experts with good experience and a high level of qualification. If the user decides to do the work on his own, he should not forget about turning off the power and supplying water before gaining access to the “stuffing” of the device.

Transient suppression diode

It provides the device with protection against numerous voltage surges that can damage it. Such bursts are usually observed during lightning strikes. Usually the problem makes itself felt with a short circuit, which can cause the control board to break and the circuit breaker to trip.

Fortunately, this part can be easily and quickly changed. To do this, it is recommended to refer to the user manual and find information about the required model. It should also be remembered that the system is often referred to by other names, such as “TVS diode”. Replacing a component that has been damaged necessarily requires access to other electrical components inside the device. Practice shows that such work should be trusted to professionals.

Problem control board

In most household appliances, this moment suffers. In simple terms, it is the “brain” of the entire machine. After the washing process starts, the circuit board activates the power and coordinates the entire process. If the system is functioning correctly, the dishes will be washed and dried under the direction of the board easily and quickly.

Perhaps some parts of the system burned out or were affected by moisture, heat. This can cause unusual things, including tripping the circuit breaker.

In general, the control board is a common part, so it will not be difficult to purchase and replace it. The main thing is to find exactly the model that you need. To solve the problem, you must always refer to the user manual or call the manufacturer. A technician with proper experience and high qualifications will do everything right and in a short period of time, which will allow you to continue using the unit without problems.

Problem control board

Faulty motor

Dishwashers have a motor that can drive a pump. All this guarantees a sufficient level of its power to move water to where it should circulate. If the liquid is clean, it will be inside; if it is contaminated, it will be pumped out.

Elements of mechanical engines often fail due to impressive wear. In such situations, they draw more amperes than when operating normally. All this can cause the circuit breaker to trip to prevent unpleasant moments.

Motors that are faulty must be replaced without fail. To solve the problem, you should definitely contact a professional. He will tell you exactly what is wrong with the system, and how to prevent the problem. Of course, you can also do it yourself. You just need to remember that replacing the motor is a difficult job, because this unit is characterized by the most serious device.

Faulty motor

For these reasons, the implementation of such work requires the disconnection of electricity and water, as well as the application of efforts. Since access to the bottom of the machine is expected, care must be taken to drain all the water in advance.