Samsung dishwasher error code 7E

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 7E

Do not confuse the 7E Error code with the E7, as both of these combinations may occur on the screen of your device, but they mean completely different issues in the operating of your dishwashing appliance.

7E stands for the malfunction of the WaterWall system of your appliance, in other words, it means that the mechanism, responsible for the proper dispersion of the water during the cycle, does not work.

E7 points on the problems with the thermostat, so as you can see, it is important to read the code right in order to eliminate the cause and bring your machine back to life as soon as possible.

The 7E error usually appears on the display in a few seconds after the cycle is started.

What can cause the 7E Error?

To start listing the possible explanations for the 7E code occurrence, let’s first understand what the WaterWall technology stands for.

Thanks to it, water pressure is distributed throughout the tank where the dishes are placed. Older models generally only wash dishes that are on the sides of the trays. As for the dishes in the center, they are washed less efficiently.

With the WaterWall, the water is distributed all over the space, so even a teaspoon in the center gets attention. So when there is a failure in this system, the dishes won’t be washed properly. And this may happen because of the malfunction of one of the system’s elements: disperser, sensor, or motor.

How to fix the 7E Error?

To begin with, reboot your machine, as the code might be just a reflection of the one-time control unit failure. So after you gave your device a 15 minutes rest, switch it back on and check whether the code is still indicated on the screen. If it is, the problem will be a little more difficult to fix.

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 7E check the inside part of your machine

First of all, check the inside part of your machine — there may be some objects, which prevent the movement of the water (usually it is a fork or a knife, or can be a long utensil’s handle). After you placed all the objects correctly, try to run a test cycle. If the code is still there, examine the disperser, which has to be fixed tightly. Carefully press the disperser l, if you see the emblem of the WaterWall System face-up, it is installed properly and can not be the reason for the error.

Another explanation for the 7E Error is that one of the elements is still fixed with the tape, so you need to find it and “unpack”. And, on the contrary, it might be caused by the movement of the sprinkler, which is now fixed properly. You can hear the weird noise while running a test program if it’s your case.

As for the sensor, it’s breakage is pretty easy to determine — inspect the contacts. If some are oxidized — clean them, if they are burnt-out — replace the. Check the detector with the multimeter. The only way if it is out of order is to replace it with the new one.

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 7E Check electric engine

The malfunction of the electric engine is also one of the possible reasons for the 7E code appearance on the display of your Samsung device. To check it, you have to take it out of the machine, by opening the door and removing the bottom bar. Test it with the multimeter and replace it with the new one in case it’s broken.