Samsung dishwasher error code LE

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LE

There are some easy to understand error codes, indicated on the displays of dish-washers, LE is one of them. Error code LE stands for the leak in the machine and the activation of the leak-protection system.

Due to the perfectly designed system, the first signs of the issue will be visible only on the screen, there will be no water on the floor, most likely the code occurs when the tray or contacts on the sensor are flooded.

What is a LE Error Code?

LE Error, which is displayed as E9 on the earlier models, indicates a leak from the tank. It means that the water has drained into the tray under the dishwasher. Due to the self-control function of Samsung machines, the dishwasher stops working and displays the code right after the sensor floats up in the pallet below the washer.

The aqua stop function of the brand’s dishwashers allows displaying the code in the very first seconds after you switch the machine on. Sometimes it can take up to a few minutes until the water starts going and dripping into the palette. There are some models without the display, on them the leak error is indicated in blinking light near the Bio 60 regimen.

Sometimes it’s enough to just restart the machine, unplugging it for 5 — 10 minutes. The code disappears from the screen and you can wash your dishes again. If this doesn’t help, you can uninstall the washer, remove the sidewall and put it on its left side, letting the water drain out. After it is done, install it back and check whether the error is still shown on the screen.

If there was no water inside the machine, check the sensor, probably its contacts were just stuck, so moving it may help.

The display still blinking? Inspect the drain hose, probably there is a leak in place of its connection. Tighten it up and try to run the cycle again.

If these simple steps did not help, then probably the leak is caused by more serious malfunctions, to inspect which you need to unplug the dishwasher and close the valve.

What can cause a LE Error?

If checking the drain system, contacts and connections did not show any issues, you will most likely need professional help with your dishwasher. The leak may be caused by serious breakdowns.

It might be one of the following problems:

  • Drain pump
  • Tank
  • Hose
  • Dispenser
  • Drain filter
  • Gaskets

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LE tank hose gaskets

The malfunctioning pump and cracked gaskets have to be replaced by the expert repairman, as they can be the main reason for leaking during the washing process. Sometimes the gaskets can just be strengthened, but in case there are any imper-fections — they have to be substituted.

As for the tank, you can check whether the problem is there by simply disassembling the machine. If you see the wet parts inside — here it is. Usually, it is a factory defect, which can be repaired according to the item guarantee.

The clogged dispenser can cause a small leak, as well as the cracked one. You can try to fix it by just cleaning it if it doesn’t help, the part has to be replaced.

The leaking hose can flood the palette under the machine and the floating sensor will indicate the LE error code. As a temporary solution you can glue the whiles on the hose, but make sure to replace it as soon as possible, as the water can drain even trough the glued places if the hose is already old and weak. Check the hose connection again, sometimes it requires several tries to make sure there is no extra space left.

The drain filter can be plugged and polluted, in this case, you can take it off and clean thoroughly. Sometimes the error occurs event because of the improper installation of this element, so make sure to put it back as carefully as possible.

If none of these actions helped you in solving the leak problem of your dishwasher, it is best to consult with the specialist and to conduct professional diagnostics.