Bosch washer error code E43

Bosch washer error code E43

If you see the E43 error code on the panel of your washer, it means that the device it worrying to warn you about issues with the drum. The signal can be accompanied by a loud sound during the washing cycle and the machine can jump in place, as it is hard for it to rotate the tank.

What can cause the E43 error?

There are three possible explanations for the code to appear on your display: whether the problem with the engine and bearings, the lock of the tank or tacho-detector. As for the tank, it can be blocker because of the overload, or a foreign object, stuck between the drum and the tank. There is also a possibility of the control unit malfunction, but it is quite a rare thing in this case.

How to fix the E43 error?

Bosch washer error code E43 drum rotate

Start with the easiest — make sure the drum is not overloaded, take off the laundry and try to run the cycle with an empty drum, if the code doesn’t disappear, check the drum for the foreign object. Switch off and unplug your appliance and start manually spinning the drum, carefully listening. If you hear nothing and the drum rotates freely than the drum and tank are ok and the error was caused by other factors. Or if there is no sound, but the drum is hard to spin — have a look at the bearings, they are probably worn out and have to be replaced.

So the drum is fine, and to check other components you will need to disconnect the machine from the mains. First of all, check the engine. To get to it you need to take off the rear panel. Check its belt, if there is nothing wrong with it, detach it from the engine and start examining the brushes, which have to be not less than 1 cm. If you see the brushes that are worn out, they have to be changed.

After you checked the belt and brushes, inspect all the connections, pipes and wires, and follow with the examination of the tachosensor, which is placed right on the engine. You will need a multimeter to check if the device works properly or not. Also, see if it is damaged or the contact needs to be cleaned. This small detector signals the main unit about the rotations of the drum, so it is a very important component of the washer. If the tachosensor is out of order, replace it with the new one, properly connecting it to all the wires.

If nothing from what you have checked seems to be broken, then, it is possibly a control unit failure. In this case, it is better to contact the expert for a proper diag-nostic.