Dryer heating element replacement cost

Automatic clothes dryers are less popular than washing machines. However, the comfort of using a dryer far exceeds that of other popular household appliances. Automatic quick drying of laundry can significantly shorten the path from dirty clothes to clean and dry.

Each user at least once met with a violation of the operation of any household appliances. The dryer may also periodically disturb during operation. There are several reasons for a breakdown: engine or drum wear, errors in use, factory defects, improper installation or connection, and so on. The design of the device includes several important mechanisms, in the event of a malfunction of one of which the machine ceases to perform its function.

How the dryer works

A common problem is the lack of warm air, due to which the laundry dries quickly. The heating element (TEN) is responsible for the process of supplying the heat flow, it is he who increases the air temperature. The failure of this mechanism can only be eliminated with a complete replacement of the part. What is the principle of operation of the heating element and how much does it cost to replace it, let’s take a closer look.

How the dryer works

As mentioned earlier, an automatic clothes dryer is equipped with several important mechanisms:

  • Drum into which wet things are loaded;
  • The engine rotates a drum;
  • The belt conducts energy from the engine to a drum;
  • A heating element;
  • A heat exchanger that absorbs moisture (steam);
  • Fans;
  • Pump for pumping out excess liquid;
  • Filters for cleaning the machine from hair, threads and other debris;
  • Sensors and control panel.

The basic principle of the dryer is to apply a powerful stream of hot air to wet clothes, which ensures that the liquid evaporates quickly. The heat flow passes through the drum, forming excessive moisture. Thanks to the heat exchanger, the humidity level of the hot air is significantly reduced. The heated air acts until the laundry is completely dry. The pump pumps the water formed from wet laundry into a special condensate tank. Thus, the failure of one of these parts leads to a malfunction of the entire structure.

How the dryer repair

Air heating occurs only with the help of a heating element – a heating element. Wet clothes after going through a complete drying cycle indicates a malfunction of this part. Also, an increase in the duration of the standard cycle can identify the problem.

After detecting the first signs of damage to the heating element, you should think about replacing the spare part. The main questions that concern users are how much the part costs, whether it is possible to replace the heating element at home, and what is the cost of professional services.

Dryer heating element cost

The exact price of a new part varies depending on the brand and year of manufacture of the equipment. It is also worth paying attention to the level of demand at the time of the failure of the heating element. On average, the price segment ranges from 35 to 60 dollars (from 2.5 to 4.5 thousand rubles). When it comes to repairing premium dryers, the cost of a part can reach $200 (15,000 rubles). These figures do not include the cost of professional installation, only the amount of the heating element is noted.

You can buy a part in some online stores (OZON, Amazon, etc.) cheaper. The minimum cost of a heating element for a Samsung dryer is approximately 1.5-2 thousand rubles, the maximum is 14-15 thousand rubles. Manufacturers of LG appliances offer to purchase a new heating element for 3.5 thousand rubles, the average price of spare parts for Bosch dryers is 2 thousand rubles. New heating elements for Maytag and Whirlpool dryers cost an average of 3 thousand rubles.

Dryer heating element cost

Replacing the heating element at home

Each user will certainly be happy with additional savings. However, repairs associated with the replacement of heating elements at home require special attention and an additional set of tools. Incorrect installation and the use of non-original parts may adversely affect the further operation of the dryer.

Some manufacturers of household appliances offer to carry out repairs at their own expense during the warranty period. It is recommended to pay attention to the sections of the warranty card. Self intervention will void the warranty.

If the warranty is no longer valid, you can proceed to replace the heating element yourself. Beforehand, you should carefully read the user manual, since each brand of dryer has its own characteristics, one of which is the location of the spare part. The heating element may be located in different parts of the machine, depending on the manufacturer and model. Therefore, there is no need to rush with the analysis of equipment in search of the desired part.

Before installation, be sure to disconnect the machine from the power source. First of all, you need to remove the back or front panel (depending on the location of the part), find an unusable heating element and unscrew the screws that fix it. Then remove the element and disconnect the wiring connecting it to the dryer. The heating element should be removed together with the housing, into which a new part is subsequently installed. After replacement, the housing is inserted back into the machine and secured with special screws.

Replacement of the part by the master

Calling a wizard to install a heating element is a safer solution that guarantees a quick and high-quality result. But the services of a professional in this case most often exceed the cost of the part by 2 times. The price of repairs varies depending on the specifics of the work of a particular master or company (hourly or fixed payment). In some cases, for example, the occurrence of difficulties in finding a suitable part, an additional amount may be charged. Therefore, it is worthwhile to correctly assess your strengths and choose the most appropriate method of repair.