Causes of Samsung dryer error codes

When there are malfunctions and malfunctions in the operation of the Samsung dryer, the system notifies you using codes. Alphanumeric designations are highlighted on the display. The codes allow you to understand exactly where the problem occurred and quickly find the cause of its occurrence. Some malfunctions can be “fixed” on their own, without resorting to the services of craftsmen and replacing components. For example, tightly close the door or clean the filters from accumulated debris.

But not all problems can be solved in a few minutes. Some breakdowns require the advice and work of a specialist.

Samsung dryer error code


Code “BE” indicates “button error”. In other words, the malfunction is related to the stuck button. Perhaps the owner of the dryer pressed it so hard that it did not return to its original position.

The device will not work if the button is inside its “nest”. In this case, you must try to return her to her place, or wait until she does it herself. If the button cannot be pulled out, then it is worth contacting the repair masters for help.

DO, DE or DF

The letter “D” indicates a problem with the door. The cause of the malfunction must be sought in the details of the door. The designations DO and DE mean “door not tightly closed” and “door error”. Perhaps, after loading the laundry, the user did not close the door completely, or a foreign object was stuck between it and the drum. It is important to check this and fix the problem.

Error DF shows “door circuit failure”. If this error is displayed on the screen, then the problem lies in the flow of electricity. There might be something wrong with the wiring. It is worth checking it, as well as trying to identify loose connections. It is necessary to call the wizard provided that there is a suspicion of damage to the wiring harness.

Problems with the buttons and the door indicate careless operation on the part of the user. Pressing the buttons hard and slamming the door hard will break the latch mechanism, sensor, or physical button gasket. All this causes the dryer to signal a malfunction in the form of codes.

Samsung dryer error codes DE


The letter T in this combination indicates a technical error. It will be difficult to understand immediately which part is out of order. The first thing to do in this case is to unplug the dryer from the power supply by unplugging the cord from the outlet. After a few minutes, you can turn on the device again. If the error reappears on the display, then the elements of the electronic components are broken.

The dryer is controlled by a special device – EEPROM. It is the “brain” of the entire system and is located on the printed circuit board. All commands directed to the operation of the dryer come from here. If the EEPROM elements are faulty, the ET error will flash on the display. It is possible to fix the problem by replacing it with a new one. If possible, it is better to give the device to the masters “under warranty”.

The described problem may occur due to a violation of the rules for using the device. To avoid trouble, you should not overload the drum with things, and also do not put too wet laundry into it.


The FE error in the Samsung dryer indicates that the voltage is out of range. This occurs for two main reasons:

  1. The place where the instrument is installed does not have a stable power supply. Most likely, the electricity supply is uneven. Sometimes it can be strong, sometimes weak. If the dryer does not have enough input power, it gives an FE signal.
  2. Another reason for the appearance of the FE code is related to the mains frequency sensor. The failed element sends an error message. In this situation, you need to contact the official Samsung service center so that specialists can accurately determine the cause of the problem.

error codes FE

No one is immune from buying a dryer with factory defects. If error codes pop up immediately after purchasing and installing the device, then you should think about contacting the store and returning the product of inadequate quality.


The error does HE indicate a heating problem. The system does not produce enough heat, or the sensor does not detect it. Regardless of how the dryer heater works, it is worth contacting a repair specialist.

If the device runs on gas, then something is preventing its flow. It is necessary to check whether the gas supply valve is fully open. If the dryer is powered by electricity, then the master, first of all, checks the circuit breaker is closed. It is possible that power is not being supplied to the heater. Then you have to find out what kind of breakdown prevents this. Most often, the problem is hidden in damaged wiring or in the temperature sensor.

Samsung dryer error codes


OD – an error indicating that the dryer cannot determine whether the laundry is dry or not. This indicates a malfunction of the sensor, as it incorrectly determines the level of humidity. In rare cases, a damp cloth may stick to the sensor, causing it to assume that there is still a lot of water inside. You can deal with the problem by cleaning the sensor from moisture. If the error still appears on the screen, then the part is defective and needs to be replaced.

Any household appliance requires periodic maintenance. Together with the sensor, clean the container for collecting moisture, as well as the filter. At the same time, the outlet hose is disconnected and washed. Otherwise, over time, the dryer will begin to malfunction.