Cleaning a clog in an LG dryer when error D80 is displayed

In modern models of LG dryers, there is a useful Flow Sense option – a system of smart sensors that instantly detects various violations in the air duct. Error data is displayed and each owner can see what happened by the fault code.

The error code signals a specific problem that is easy to fix. Normally, when the Flow Sense lights on the control panel are lit, there is a problem with airflow in the system.

In the article we will tell you what error codes D80, D90, D95 mean and how to fix them.

LG dryer error codes

Error codes D80, D90, D95 and their elimination

If one of the codes D80, D90, D95 appears on the control panel, then this indicates a malfunction in the duct system. Usually these errors indicate a problem with the flexible hose, or a blockage that interferes with the air flow. Do not ignore these errors, as this can lead to damage to the dryer and even a fire.

Important: why Flow Sense errors can be dangerous

According to statistics in developed countries, about 20% of fires caused by faulty household appliances fall on fires in broken dryers. There are three main causes of ignition of a running dryer:

  1. Incorrectly installed and too long air duct – over time, dust and lint from fabrics accumulate in it and, under the influence of high temperature, they easily ignite, causing a fire.
  2. The air hose is kinked and deformed, preventing free air flow and dust accumulation.
  3. The ventilation grill through which the air goes outside or the ventilation shaft is clogged with dust and lint. This also interferes with the movement of air and contributes to overheating of the dryer.

LG dryer Flow Sense

What to do if the Flow Sense lights on the panel are on

If, after starting the dryer, you see one of the Flow Sense errors on the display, then you need to check the condition of the air ducts in the machine and home ventilation.

Clean all filters and vents only when the dryer is switched off and using special tools such as brushes and cleaning cables that do not damage the machine parts and the ventilation duct.

The filter in the dryer should be cleaned regularly, ideally after every big dry. But if you do not use the dryer every day, and your clothes are mostly made of synthetic lint-free fabrics, then you can clean the filter once a week – as it gets dirty. To speed up cleaning, you can use a household vacuum cleaner – it will quickly remove dirt and adhering dust.

Remember that if you do not remove dust and lint from the filter, the machine will often overheat and dry things poorly. In the future, ignoring this problem will lead to breakdown and costly repair of the unit.

The air flexible hose must not be operated if it is damaged. This may damage the dryer. Inspect the hose regularly and check for accumulated dust. The hose can be washed with water and reinstalled after drying.

In rare cases, Flow Sense error codes may indicate a failure in the control board, or other malfunctions. In this case, you need to call the wizard, who will diagnose and find the cause of the breakdown.

Error D80 in LG dryer

If you see an indicator with this error, then the airflow in your dryer is blocked by 80%. This means that the hood of the unit does not cope and cannot bring air outside in normal mode.

LG dryer Error D80

In other words, there is a blockage in the dryer ducting system that prevents the free movement of hot air. In order to determine the exact location where this happened, you need to check the following locations:

  • Inspect the filter to make sure it is not clogged with fluff and dust. If it has dirt on it, remove it.
  • Remove the air outlet hose from the dryer and check for blockages.
  • Check if there is a problem in the ventilation of the apartment or house.
  • If you have a private house, then it is worth checking the external ventilation outlet – fluff and dust, as well as street dirt, can also accumulate in the hole over time, which will interfere with the air and the operation of the dryer.

Important: perform all manipulations with the drying unit only after disconnecting it from the mains.

D90 error in LG dryer

The error code indicates that the air flow in the dryer system is limited to 90%. With this limitation, the unit cannot work normally, you need to find the problem and fix it as soon as possible. Some dryers after error D90 urgently go into protection mode and stop working, others continue to work, which can lead to machine failure.

Error D90 indicates that there is a blockage that blocks the movement of air by 90%, which leads to overheating of the dryer and its breakdown. To resolve the error, follow a series of steps.

Check the condition of the filter – it should be clean, without adhering dust and fluff from fabrics. Then disconnect the flexible hose and inspect it for blockages and dust lumps. If everything is in order, then at the next stage check the operation of your ventilation – perhaps the problem lies in it.

If, after all the manipulations, you find that the filters, hose and ventilation are absolutely clean and free of blockages, then perhaps the problem is either a faulty control board or a failure of another part.

LG dryer Error D90

Error D95 in LG dryer

Panel code D95 indicates almost no air movement in the dryer system. That is, only 5% of the air comes out of the car. This is a dangerous condition in which the unit may overheat and even catch fire, resulting in a fire.

Automatic protection, even in modern dryers, does not always work, so you should not hope that the machine will turn itself off at the right time.

If you see an indicator with error code D95, act immediately:

  • Unplug the machine.
  • Remove the lint and dust catcher and carefully inspect it – it should not be dirty. If there are, clean the filter according to the instructions.
  • Next, you should remove and check the flexible hose through which the air leaves the dryer. It should also be free of damage and blockages.
  • Inspect the ventilation duct and clean it if the grate and it are clogged with dust.

When the blockage is cleared, turn on the dryer and you will see that it no longer displays Flow Sense errors. This means that you did everything right and not only set up the normal operation of the unit, but also made your home safe. Regular inspection of the ventilation and air duct will prolong the life of your LG dryer and protect it from breakdowns.