There is the D90 code on the LG dryer without blockage

Tumble dryers these days usually run flawlessly, but the error codes that occur during operation sometimes confuse their owners. Therefore, it is necessary to tell how to deal with them and fix these problems. Usually you can fix such a malfunction yourself without calling the wizard. The main thing is to learn to recognize it.

Sometimes the LG machine shows the d90 code. A similar symbol means that the ventilation hose or its line is almost completely clogged. The failure of the heating element or thermal fuse is also not ruled out. To eliminate them, you need to carefully understand the situation. As a rule, you will be able to cope with it on your own.

When problems arise in the operation of the unit, there are a number of solutions that every owner of the equipment should know. If there is a blockage, then it should be cleaned and LG will again please its owner. But before starting any repair, the dryer must be disconnected from electricity.

Checking the fluff filter

Checking the fluff filter

In order to solve the problem, in search of the difficulty that has arisen, it is worth studying the unit from its front to the back.

It is advisable to start with a lint filter. It must be lifted and examined from all sides. If it gets dirty, then there is an obstacle to the passage of air.

Exhaust Hose Monitoring

Then you need to examine the exhaust hose. It runs from the back of the appliance to the wall vent. Here, the villi are also able to block almost the entire passage for air.

Also check the hose for kinks. For a thorough check, it is better to completely disconnect it.

If there are blockages, you need to blow it out or use a hair dryer for this. To clean the inner surface of the hose, it is also recommended to insert a brush or wire into it.

Exhaust Hose Monitoring

Inspection of the wall duct

Then you need to examine the wall duct with an exhaust pipe connected to it.

You need to remove the hose and make sure that there is no lint stuck there. Large clods of it can interfere with the permeability of the passage.

If there is a problem, you must fix it manually. The leaf blower needs to be attached so that it clears the vent. The device will provide sufficient air pressure and remove blockage.

Checking outdoor ventilation

Checking outdoor ventilation

Outdoor ventilation contributes to the removal of air and heat to the outside. It is attached to the outer wall hole. Usually in houses it is located directly opposite the inner one in the side of the building. Therefore, appliances are usually also mounted along the outer wall, which helps to bring it closer to the aisle.

  1. But sometimes the ventilation vents are on the roof, so from the very beginning it is worth establishing their location.
  2. Then you need to carefully inspect the inside of the hole for debris that prevents the passage of air.
  3. If there is an obstacle, then it must be removed manually or by means of some tool that will allow you to scrape off and pull out the pile.
  4. Outdoor vents can be affected by climate conditions, so dirt or fluff sometimes gets stuck and hardens. As a result, air cannot pass freely through it. Such difficult blockages are removed under the action of hot water and a brush.

Reset codes

After troubleshooting, reconnect the dryer. After turning it on, before connecting the hose, you need to clear the error codes. Here it is important to take one more action.

Troubleshooting testing

It is worth checking whether the laundry remains wet.

  1. Before connecting the ventilation hose, you must turn on the machine again and check its ability to process things within the specified period.
  2. If there is nothing wet, then you need to pour water on something and test with it.
  3. If you can get clothes out of the washing machine, then you should take them. Then it will be possible to establish the readiness of the unit to dry it after a new start. If everything happens in due time, then the blockage is localized in the exhaust.
  4. If the laundry does not dry or the process takes too long, then a broken heating element or thermal fuse is to blame.
  5. It can also be useful to turn off the household appliance and connect a hose to it. Then you need to reload the wet laundry. If it dries properly and the error code disappears, then the problems are fixed.

Troubleshooting testing


What should be the actions in the absence of blocking?
If all the steps have already been taken, and no obstacle is found, then the problem is a broken fuse. Usually, the appearance of a code indicates that a blockage has occurred. But a number of experts argue that often the cause of this problem is a malfunction of the heating element. Therefore, it is worth calling the service center and calling a professional to replace the part.


Is it possible to reboot the device to reset the error?
Resetting the settings will fix a lot of errors, but not FlowSense. It will disappear only after the clogged exhaust system and lint filters have been cleaned. Only when air flows freely through the hole will the code disappear.


Why is FlowSense flickering?
This is how an advanced warning system works, drawing the attention of users to the presence of any problems in the air ducts or hoses. The signal indicates that it is desirable to stop the operation of the equipment and clean it.


When should air vents be cleaned?
The more often washing takes place in the house, the faster the ventilation ducts get dirty. If a lot of people live here and you have to start the car often, then a blockage can occur even after 6 months or even earlier.

What are the signs of impending blockage?

There are a number of signs by which one can judge the approach of such a problem. They will tell you a lot even before the FlowSense code appears. Things will take too long to dry. By such a signal, it will be possible to understand about the blockage before the unit reports a disorder. In addition, the clothes will not dry completely during the normal cycle.

impending blockage

Often there is also a burning smell coming from the household appliance when passing through too long a cycle. The inner surface will be very hot, which indicates that the technique is operating with high voltage. Often too much will be removed from the lint trap. Then, even before the error code appears, you should urgently check the condition of the air duct and hose.